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UVP iBox® Scientia Small Animal Imaging System

UVP iBox Scientia Small Animal Imaging System is designed to automate your in vivo small animal imaging research. System enables non-invasive detection of fluorescent and bioluminescent reporters in mice. The one-touch, pre-set or user-defined controls are easy to use for accurate, repeatable imaging.

UVP iBox Scientia Small Animal Imaging System


Fluorescent and Bioluminescent Applications for the UVP iBox Scientia for pre-clinical research include:

  • Tumor studies
  • Cancer research
  • Heart disease
  • Gene therapy

System Names


UVP iBox Scientia 615 Imaging System
OptiChemi 615
UVP iBox Scientia 900 Imaging System
BioCam 900

Main Features

  • Selection of high resolution, high sensitivity CCD cameras for in vivo imaging
  • Motorized optics for setting the aperture, zoom and focus
  • Light tight darkroom creates optimum imaging conditions
  • Unique viewing window enables quick sample inspection
  • Matched emission/excitation filter sets specifically for small animal imaging
  • Automated control of the five-position emission filter array to allow addition of emissions for visible, IR and UV to meet all spectral requirements
  • Warming plate
  • Roll-out tray provides easy access for placement of mice on the warming plate
  • Automated templates for repeated experiments
  • VisionWorks® Software (configured with system or optional) for analysis and image compositing