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BioImaging Systems Overview

Advanced Imaging Systems

  • BioSpectrum® Imaging System
    High Performance, Automated for Multi-Applications
    • Chemiluminescence (including 1D and 2D Western Blots, Northern/Southern Blots), fluorescent and colorimetric imaging
    • Assortment of CCD cameras including deeply cooled cameras
    • Motorized optics and Automated templates
    • Light-tight darkroom with software-automated controls
  • ChemiDoc-It®TS3 Imager
    Aquire Vivid Gel and Blot Images with the Touch of the Screen
    • Integrated computer, touch screen with capture software simplifies workflow
    • Easy and straightforward interface guides users thru
      image preview, capture and save functions
    • Fast capture of high resolution chemiluminescent, colorimetric, multiplex and fluorescent images
  • ChemiDoc-It®2 Imager
    Economical Gel & Blot Imaging
    • Chemiluminescent blot and gel imaging
    • Choice of cooled CCD cameras
    • Image capture and analysis
    • Light tight darkroom

  • ChemiDoc-It® Imaging System
    Dedicated Chemiluminescent Imaging
    • Chemiluminescent imaging
    • Cooled CCD cameras
    • Light tight darkroom
    • Height adjustable sample platform with numeric counter for exact positioning

  • GelDoc-It®TS3 Imager
    Acquired High Resolution Gel Images with a Touch of the Screen
    • Capture high resolution fluorescent gel images
    • Integrated computer, touch screen with capture software simplifies workflow
    • Easy to use interface guides users thru image capture, preview and save functions

  • GelDoc-It®2 Imager
    Economical, Modular Gel Imaging
    • Fluorescent and colorimetric imaging
    • Modular design - add epi UV lights and converter plates
    • Gel HR high resolution camera
    • Darkroom with overhead white light

  • GelDoc-Ite Imaging Systems
    Easy, Efficient and Economical Gel Documentation
    • Scientific grade CCD camera captures picture perfect images
    • Easily illuminate, view, capture and analyze fluorescent DNA and protein gel images
    • Compact design reduces lab space requirements

  • iBox® Explorer2 Imaging Microscope
    Micro Fluorescence In Vivo Imaging
    • Visualize micro injection of cancer cells in vivo
    • Image organs and cells subcutaneously and within the body cavity of living mice
    • Optical configurations are parcentered and parfocal, allowing seamless imaging through the magnification ranges

  • iBox® Scientia Imaging System
    Small Animal Imaging System
    • In Vivo studies including cancer research, heart disease, gene therapy, tumor studies
    • Includes a license from AntiCancer, Inc.
    • Small animal fluorescent imaging
    • High-resolution, high-sensitivity cameras
    • BioLite MultiSpectral Source


Colorimetric & Multiplex








Fluorescence and


Fluorescence and Colorimetric


Gel Documentation

iBox® Explorer2

Macro to Micro
In Vivo Imaging

iBox® Scientia

Macro In Vivo


Basic Imaging Systems

  • GelMax® Imager
    Simplifies Precast and Mini Gel Imaging
    • Captures brilliant publication-quality images of precast and mini gels
    • Illuminates with multiple transillumination light sources for maximizing fluorophore stain excitation
    • Generates quantitative analysis results with a simple workflow-based software interface
    • Reduces lab bench space requirements
  • BioDoc-It®2 Imaging System
    Easy Gel Documentation
    • New design with larger touch screen and exclusive capture software
    • All-in-one station excellent for multiple users
    • For fluorescent and colorimetric gel imaging

  • ColonyDoc-It™ Imaging Station
    Micro Visualize White Light and Fluorescent Colonies
    • Fluids contamination
    • Microbiology studies
    • Antibotic testing
    • Hygiene studies

  • DigiDoc-It® Imaging System
    Digital Color Gel Imaging
    • Fluorescent and colorimetric imaging
    • Digi Camera 105
    • Lightweight hood with viewport
    • Capture software

  • MultiDoc-It™ Imaging System
    Digital Color Gel Imaging
    • Fluorescent, TLC, and colorimetric imaging
    • Digi Camera 105
    • Sturdy darkroom construction
    • Capture software

  • ChromaDoc-It™ Imaging System
    Digital Color Gel Imaging
    • TLC imaging
    • Digi Camera 105
    • Low profile cabinet with overhead UV
    • Capture software

  • PhotoDoc-It™ Imaging System
    Basic Digital Color Gel Documentation
    • Fluorescent and colorimetric imaging
    • Digi 55 color camera
    • Compact design
    • Color printer for lab quality prints


Precast/Mini Gels


Easy Gel Documentation


Colony Counting


Basic Gel Documentation


Basic Gel Documentation




Entry-level Gel Documentation

Advanced Imaging Systems operate with VisionWorks® Software

Continuing UVP's tradition as the leader of innovative solutions for life science imaging and analysis, UVP offers a wide range of high performance BioImaging Systems designed to fit researchers specifications and budgets. Systems are designed for a wide range of applications depending on the system and camera configurations. Click the thumbnails to see all the Systems offered by UVP, then click through to learn more about which System is right for you.

Imaging Systems Applications Include …
  • Non-Fluorescent/Colorimetric
  • Fluorescent
  • Chemiluminescent
  • Bioluminescent
  • Colony Counting
  • In Vivo Imaging
  • Small Animal Imaging
  • Western Blots
  • Northern Blots
  • Southern Blots
  • Dot Blots
  • DNA
  • GFP
  • RNA
  • Autoradiographs
  • Microtiter Plates
  • 1D Gels
  • Densitometry
  • Thin Layer Chromatography(TLC)
  • Membrane Arrays
  • 2D Gels
  • Gel Documentation
  • Image Analysis
  • Electrophoresis Stained Gels
  • Plants


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