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Mineralight® UV Lamps and Cabinets for Viewing
Rocks and Minerals

UVP manufactures a large selection of Mineralight® UV Lamps to brilliantly fluorescence rocks and gems. A wide range of portable, handheld and display models are available plus ultraviolet cabinets for viewing samples in a darkroom environment.

Small Handheld Models
3UV Lamps EL Series UV Lamps Handheld Lamps Compact UV Lamps
3UV Lamps EL Series UV Lamps Handheld UV Lamps Compact UV Lamps
Portable Lamps Portable/Rechargeable Lamps Handheld Lamps  
Portable Lamps Rechargeable/Portable Lamps Mini Lamps  
Large Format and Display Models
Mineralight Lamps Grid Display Lamps XX-Series Bench Lamps
Mineralight Display Lamps Grid Display Lamps XX Series Bench Lamps
UV Viewing Cabinets
Mini viewing cabinets Mid-size viewing cabinets Large Viewing Cabinets  
Mini Viewing Cabinets Mid-size Viewing Cabinets Large Viewing Cabinets