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Press Release - For Immediate Release
For information contact: Jeanne Ottoson (909) 946-3197

UVP, LLC and Analytik Jena Distribution in South America

February 28, 2014

UVP, LLC is pleased to announce that we are now coordinating distribution of Analytik Jena and Biometra products through their existing dealers in South/Central America and Mexico. A wide variety of products available includes:

  • Nucleic acid extraction kits and equipment
  • Thermal cyclers and homogenization equipment
  • Spectrophotometers
  • Liquid handling devices
  • qPCR and standard PCR equipment

Myrna Espiritu, UVP's International Sales Manager, has recently been appointed as Analytik Jena's regional export manager with responsibilities for AJ and Biometra products in these regions in addition to the UVP product lines. Myrna says, "I believe that we will provide our researchers with total workflow solutions by conveniently sourcing all of their requirements from the scope of products available from the Analytik Jena/UVP/Biometra group. The biomaging systems and lab products are available through UVP distributors and the kits, reagents and equipment through AJ and Biometra distributors. We are supplying American and German engineering at its best for the benefit of our South American & North American researchers."

Myrna's office is located at UVP's USA headquarters in California. For product or dealer information, contact Myrna by email at myrnae@uvp.com or call her at (909) 946-3197.

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