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Basic Imaging Systems

  • UVP GelTower
    Simplifies Precast and Mini Gel Imaging
    • Captures brilliant publication-quality images of precast and mini gels
    • Illuminates with multiple transillumination light sources for maximizing fluorophore stain excitation
    • Generates quantitative analysis results with a simple workflow-based software interface
    • Reduces lab bench space requirements
  • BioDoc-It®2 Imaging System
    Easy Gel Documentation
    • New design with larger touch screen and exclusive capture software
    • All-in-one station excellent for multiple users
    • For fluorescent and colorimetric gel imaging

  • ColonyDoc-It Imaging Station
    Automated Colony Counting
    • Microbiology studies, antibiotic and hygiene testing and more
    • Streamlines colony counting as well as time lapse, zone sizing and spiral plates
    • Multiple light sources for illumination of plates
    • Accommodates plate sizes up to 150mm
  • DigiDoc-It® Imaging System
    Digital Color Gel Imaging
    • Fluorescent and colorimetric imaging
    • Large format UV transilluminator
    • Lightweight hood with viewport
    • Capture software

  • MultiDoc-It Imaging System
    Digital Color Gel Imaging
    • Fluorescent, TLC, and colorimetric imaging
    • Integrated UV transilluminator
    • Sturdy darkroom construction
    • Capture software

  • ChromaDoc-It Imaging System
    Digital Color Gel Imaging
    • TLC applications such as Gingko Biloba and Damina Burdock
    • Low profile cabinet
    • Built-in overhead shortwave and longwave UV illumination
    • Capture software
  • PhotoDoc-It Imaging System
    Entry Level Color Gel Documentation
    • Fluorescent gel imaging
    • Compact design
    • Replaces Polaroid instant camera systems
    • Color printer for lab quality prints

UVP GelTower

Precast/Mini Gel Imaging


Touch Screen Gel Imaging


Colony counting


Basic gel documentation


Basic gel documentation




Entry-level gel documentation

Continuing UVP's tradition as the leader of innovative solutions for life science imaging and analysis, UVP offers a wide range of Basic Imaging Systems designed to fit researchers specifications and budgets. Click the thumbnails to see systems offered by UVP, then click through to learn more about which system is right for you.

Advanced Imaging Systems


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