BioDoc-It®² Imaging Systems
Streamlined Gel Documentation

New design features higher resolution camera, a larger screen size and new software interface! The
BioDoc-It2 with its streamlined all-in-one design enables researchers to easily capture high resolution, publication-quality gel images with the touch of the screen. This compact, stand-alone system is excellent as a dedicated capture station for multiple user labs. No external computer required.

Main Features

  • High resolution monochrome camera with 5.0 megapixels resolution; open lens is easily accessible for adjustment of aperture, zoom and focus

  • Large 10" touch screen clearly shows captured gel images

  • VisionWorks touch Software

  • Save images to the system, USB stick (included) or connect to a network for transfer of images to another PC

  • Ethidium Bromide filter standard and located in the new two-position filter tray; additional filters are available

  • Unique viewer window allows visibility of gels without opening the door

  • Wide front door with safety switch turns the UV off when the door is open

  • Side access doors allow gels to be repositioned while viewing a live preview of gel on the screen

  • Compact design reduces laboratory bench space needs

  • Choice of UV Transilluminator - single UV or 3UV models

Integrated Capture Software with Touch Screen Simplicity

Templates with saved settings for use in repeat experiments. The Manual capture mode is designed for fine tuning image capture settings. Select language preference: Choose from English (standard), Chinese (simplified), Turkish, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Portuguese and German. Preview, capture and save gel images with easy access controls.

Easily preview, capture and save gel images with a touch of the screen!

  • Acquisition tab enables easy selection of capture modes, histogram, binning and saturation warning to fine tune image capture

  • Exposure can be adjusted with min, sec, millisec or microsec settings

  • Save images in TIFF, GIF and JPEG formats

One-Touch Templates simplify image capture!

  • One-Touch Templates enable users to define and save a variety of image capture settings that can be recalled for later use

  • Templates are helpful in achieving consistent, repeatable results and save researchers time when conducting repeat experiments

  • User-defined five "favorite" templates are accessed via buttons across the top of the screen; an unlimited number of templates can be saved to the drop-down menu

BioDoc-It2 Applications

The BioDoc-It2 is designed for basic gel documentation. Stained gels are illuminated on the UV transilluminator which is built into the system. Select from either a 302nm UV transilluminator or 3UV model with 254/302/365nm UV.

Additional stained gels may be viewed by adding White or Visi-Blue™ Light Plates. These plates are available for excitation of additional gels. Plate sizes are 21x26cm or 25x26cm.


Camera/Lens: GelCam 315, 5.0 MP; 8-48mm, f/1.2 manual zoom lens
Tablet/Touchscreen: Integrated Windows OS, 10" color touchscreen with stylus pen

Wide front door with UV safety switch, gel viewer window, epi white light, side access doors, two-position emission filter tray
Emission Filter: Ethidium Bromide (EtBr), additional filters available
Software: Image capture control, preview and save; templates, selection of languages

Filter size: 20x20cm or 21x26cm; Wavelength: 302nm, 2UV 302/365nm or 3UV 254/302/365nm
Power: 115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz
Network Connectivity: Wireless
Dimensions: 32.5H x 15.5W x 13.25D in. (825 x 394 x 337mm)


  • Visi-Blue Converter Plate

  • Longwave Converter Plate

  • UV to White Light

  • Gel-Sentry

  • Step Tablet

  • Gel-Cutter

  • Gel-Ruler

  • Gel-Scooper

  • Gel-Trays

Ordering Information

BioDoc-It2 Imaging Systems
Model Transilluminator (Filter Size, UV) 100-115V 230V
BioDoc-It2 M-20V (20x20cm, 302nm UV) 97-0760-01 97-0760-02
BioDoc-It2 LM-20 (20x20cm, 302/365nm UV) 97-0761-01 97-0761-02
BioDoc-It2 M-26V (21x26cm, 302nm UV) 97-0762-01 97-0762-02
BioDoc-It2 LM-26 (21x26cm, 302/365nm UV) 97-0763-01 97-0763-02
BioDoc-It2 LMS-20 (20x20cm, 254/302/365nm UV) 97-0764-01 97-0764-02
BioDoc-It2 LMS-26 (21x26cm, 254/302/365nm UV) 97-0765-01 97-0765-02
BioDoc-It2 M-26XV (25x26cm, 302nm UV) 97-0766-01 97-0766-02

Application Materials

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Research Using the BioDoc-It

Genome-wide Gene Deletions in Streptococcus sanguinis by High Throughput PCR [ Video ] (Gel Documentation System, 3:45)