Jena, 29 August 2017 - The Federal Minister for Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, Dr. Katarina Barley, has visited Analytik Jena AG for her special family-friendliness. Grit Petzholdt-Gühne led the Federal Minister through the company, explaining the essential guidelines for family friendliness at Analytik Jena and the corporate culture.

"We want to be more than an attractive employer. We have a special responsibility towards our employees and their families and want to do justice to them. This understanding is anchored deeply in all of us and a central part of our corporate culture. This particular culture, which has grown over many years, links us and makes us strong, "said Petzholdt-Gühne.

Analytik Jena AG provides its employees with a framework for better reconciling work and family life. In the child-rearing phase, it is possible, for example, to have flexible part-time models and home-office arrangements. In addition, the employees can take on a childcare room at the company in case of temporary needs or emergencies. Analytik Jena supports the children of their employees in their orientation phase, for example in the form of holiday jobs, internships or specific training courses. Parents will receive counseling and the needs of older workers will increasingly be taken into account. With targeted measures for occupational safety and occupational health promotion, such as regular information and actions for prevention, with thematic health days and the provision of sports courses after working hours on the ground, Analytik Jena provides an extensive task portfolio and thus ensures a safe and healthy work environment for its employees. In addition, Analytik Jena strengthens the commitment of its employees to the company, for example through annual family festivals and numerous joint after-work events.

"At Analytik Jena AG, one experiences that family friendliness is anchored in everyday communication and in the interaction between employees and executives. This family-conscious corporate culture, which also addresses the individual needs of employees, is what we need in Germany, "said Barley.


Federal Minister of Agriculture Barley visits Analytik Jena