Colony Doc-It

Colony Counting Just Got Easier!

ColonyDoc-It™ Imaging Station to
Visualize White Light and Fluorescent Colonies

The unique ColonyDoc-It Imaging Station enables researchers to quickly and accurately count colonies with the intuitive, quick click software interface. Users can easily process time lapse counting, zone sizing and spiral counting. The ColonyDoc-It system streamlines colony counting research with multiple excitation sources to visualize white light and fluorescent colonies including GFP colonies.

The high resolution digital color camera identifies the smallest colonies. Plate and filter sizes from 33-150mm can be accommodated. Doors create a darkroom environment, eliminating ambient light. Applications include microbiology, hygiene studies, antibiotic testing, quality control and fluids contamination.


• Fluids contamination

• GFP Colonies

• Microbiology studies

• Hygiene studies

• Antibotic testing

System NamesCamera
ColonyDoc-ItDigiCam 130

Main Features

ColonyDoc-It™  -  Fast, Accurate Colony Counting - Innovative Colony Counter Design

Capture the Colonies

  • DigiCam 130 digital color camera with 17.9 megapixel resolution

  • Select from several light sources for illuminating a wide range of stained media

  • Slide the filter selector to one of two positions

  • A wide range of emission filters are available

  • The plate alcove accommodates pour, spread and spiral plates and filters with sizes from 33mm to 150mm

  • Capture colony sizes as small as 0.08mm

  • Generate fast automatic and accurate colony counting with detailed statistics

  • Define parameters including eight color differentiation, split or merge, filter by group or size

  • Attach the door (not shown) to create a darkroom environment when imaging colonies with GFP fluorescence

Select from Several Light Sources

When colony samples require different light sources, the ColonyDoc-It enables the easy selection of bright LED lighting. The white light and fluorescent sources visualize a wide array of bacterial, yeast and mold colonies with samples found in air, water, food and cosmetics. The blue light is used for colonies stained with green fluorescent protein (GFP). Doors (detachable) create a darkroom environment when imaging colonies with GFP. Select from:

  • Darkfield

  • Epi and transillumination white light

  • Epi blue light

High Resolution Camera

The integrated 17.9 megapixel digital color camera lets you quickly capture and see all of the details in your colony sample. The high resolution capabilities allow capture of images down to 0.08mm. No need to adjust camera buttons, since the camera is easily controlled by the software.

Colony Counter Software

The ColonyDoc-It software loads on your computer* for camera control, image capture and analysis. The software enables automatic and manual colony counting capabilities. Users can define specific counting parameters including color differentiation, splitting or merging colonies, identifying filters by group or size. Users can create templates for specific camera settings and analysis functions, allowing the same settings to be selected each time an experiment is run.

Generate Reports

The accurate count and statistical reporting functions enable researchers to immediately identify and determine experimental parameters that are critical for colony growth and inhibition. The software generates statistics and displays the most critical information about the colony area, perimeter, average diameter and circularity. The data is easily exported into Excel.

* Computer ordered separately.


Camera specifications


System specifications


Epi white
Transillumination white
Epi blue
Two positions

Physical: 13W x 12.5D x 17.5H in. (343 x 318 x 445mm)
Shipping: 22.5W x 12.25D x 19.75 in.

Actual: 20 lbs.
Shipping: 27 lbs
UVP’s software requires Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7 or Vista (32-bit or 64-bit).


Thermal Printer: Document archive quality, 256 gray scale images. Print low cost prints in seconds.

Thermal Printer, digital (115V):
Thermal Printer, digital (230V)
Thermal Paper, 4 rolls (800 images)
Computer, high specification (115V):
Monitor, 17" LCD flat screen (115V):
Filter, GFP:

Contact UVP for additional emission filters.

Ordering Information

Part Numbers
Model 115V 230V Description
Colony Doc-It 97-0539-01 97-0539-02 Colony Doc-It Imaging Station
Filter, GFP: 38-0340-01

ColonyDoc-It Imaging Station includes: Darkroom, DigiCam 130, ColonyDoc-It Software