Maximize transilluminator capabilities by using a converter plate to convert the transilluminator's 302nm UV wavelength to different wavelengths for visualizing a variety of gels. Place the specially designed plate on the transilluminator filter surface. Photo shows 21x26cm Visi-Blue Plate and 20x40cm White Light Plate.


• Variety of wavelengths for Gel Documentation

Main Features

Several specially designed converter plates convert a transilluminator's 302nm ultraviolet radiation .

  • White Light Plate converts UV to white light for viewing protein gels, Instant Blue, Coomassie blue stained or silver stained media. The plate's phosphored plastic assembly (patented) converts the UV radiation via a white diffuser.

  • Visi-Blue Plate converts UV to 460-470nm with the Visi-Blue™ plate for viewing stains including GFP, GelGreen and SYBR Green.

  • UV to UV Plate converts 302nm UV to 365nm UV for preparation and gel excision

  • The scratch-resistant plastic material is mounted in a housing for durability

  • Handles are situated on two sides of the plate for easy handling

  • Several standard plate sizes are available



Ordering Information

Part Numbers
Part Number Model Filter
38-0191-01 UV to White Light Converter Plates 21x26cm
38-0191-02 UV to White Light Converter Plates 20x40cm
38-0191-04 UV to White Light Converter Plates 25x26cm
38-0191-11 UV to White Light Converter Plates (for PhotoDoc-It only) 21x26cm
38-0200-01 Visi-Blue Converter Plates 21x26cm
38-0200-02 Visi-Blue Converter Plates 20x40cm
38-0200-04 Visi-Blue Converter Plates 25x26cm
38-0200-06 Visi-Blue Converter Plates (for PhotoDoc-It only) 21x26cm
38-0325-01 UV to UV Converter Plate 25x26cm