In addition to UVP's standard line of Pen-Ray Lamps, a selection of options to design your light source to specific requirements is available. Contact UVP with technical questions and when planning your specifications.



• Specific user requirements

Main Features

    All Pen-Ray Lamps originated from attention to customer requirements. UVP provides customized physical, electrical and QC requirements per specific need. Our Design and Applications Lab provides functional testing of theoretical applications. This testing will depend on the imagination of the end user. UVP Pen-Ray Lamps Group was formed by providing solutions to specific application requirements. The group is not driven by markets, but rather by providing a product to meet customer needs. Contact UVP for additional assistance with design or application.



Custom Lamps form.

Options for customizing Pen-Ray Lamps:

  • Phosphors to enhance specific wavelengths
  • Jackets to mask higher or lower wavelengths
  • Glass tapers to provide stable flask mounts
  • Physical variables on handles
  • Various connector/cord characteristics
  • Variable lighted lengths and configurations
  • Shields to limit emission path
  • Intensity-orientation collars to maximize intensity
  • Specific output values
  • Ozone enhancers/inhibitors
  • Customer specified holders, reflectors and support equipment
  • Grid dimensions
  • Field Pack lamp options
  • Ozone enhancers/inhibitors
  • Combination gas fills
  • Reflectors to direct and enhance energy for grids and Pen-Ray Lamps
  • Feasibility studies on all proposals

Design Your Own Pen-Ray Lamp

UVP specializes in custom-made design and manufacturing of Pen-Ray Lamps. The vast majority of our business is made up of unique designs for the OEM industry. As a result, we do not add engineering costs or additional lead times to custom products. If you have a unique design requirement, please let us know and we will respond to your request with a feasibility report and estimated pricing.

A full list of design parameters are detailed below:

  • Lighted Length
  • Total Length
  • Quartz Outer Diameter
  • Handle Outer Diameter/Type
  • Cord Length
  • Connector Type
  • Wavelength Requirement
  • Intensity Requirement
  • Ozone Producing/Ozone Free
  • Your Lamp Drawing Specifications

Ordering Information