Pen-Ray® Field Packs

Pen-Ray Field Packs combine a Pen-Ray® UV light source and a DC power supply (with 9V battery) in a compact, portable package.



• Field use inspections

• Spectroscopy

• Fluorometry

• Wavelength Calibration

Main Features

  • Field Packs are lightweight (0.3 lbs) and small enough to fit in a pocket or to be carried by the belt clip attached to the power supply
  • Field Packs are available with a choice of options for customization or in three standard configurations
  • Part number 95-0256-03 provides two interchangeable light sources (365nm and 254nm). Lamp connector is located on the outside of the power supply for this configuration only
  • Other configurations come with the light source permanently connected to the power supply


Field Pack Lamp Dimensions: Total Length 4.25" (108mm)
Lighted Length 1.75" (44.5mm)
Quartz/Handle Diameter 0.375" (9.5mm)


Ordering Information

Part Number Special
95-0256-01 365nm phosphor/jacket
95-0256-02 254nm
95-0256-03 365nm phosphor/jacket and 254nm