Gel Tools

Gel tools are helpful for researchers working with transilluminators and gel imaging systems.


• Gel Imaging

• Transillumination

Main Features

Gel Tools

  • Gel-Tool Kit combines several tools: Gel-Cutter, Gel-Ruler, Gel-Scooper, Gel-Tray, and UVC-803 Faceshield (faceshield is UV blocking; provides eye and face protection for anyone using ultraviolet sources)

  • The Gel-Cutter's edge allows for easy cutting and removal of gel material.

  • Gel-Scooper, made of strong acrylic with a beveled edge, is designed for easy transfer of gels from electrophoresis equipment to viewing equipment.

  • Gel-Trays (in two sizes), made of UV transmitting plexiglas, can be used for moving gels to the transilluminator. The tray protects the transilluminator's filter surface from scratches. Side panels on the Gel-Tray, angled at a 45 degree bend, extend upward from the tray surface for easy handling. Two sizes available.

  • The Gel-Ruler has centimeter markings that fluoresce under 365nm and 302nm ultraviolet wavelengths, providing reference marks for DNA analysis.

Fluorescent Standard Step Tablet

Place the non-photo bleaching Fluorescent Standard Step Tablet (patent pending) next to your gel on a FirstLight UV Illuminator. The step tablet has a calibrated 21-step gradation with density from totally clear (step 1) to totally opaque (step 21). The gradation on the step tablet allows accurate, consistent comparison of the bands and spots on acquired images for variations in lighting and optical conditions and for maximizing fluorescence calibration of images. The guide lets researchers evaluate the image against the values of gray, maximizing fluorescence calibration and providing a standard reference for images.



Ordering Information

Model 230V Dimensions
Gel-Cutter 85-0002-01 20cm L
Gel-Ruler 85-0003-01 25cm L
Gel-Scooper 85-0006-01 5W x 12L in. (12.7 x 30.5 cm)
Gel-Tray, Small 85-0007-01 11.5W x 9D in. (29 x 23 cm)
Gel-Tray, Large 85-0005-01 16.5W x 10.5D in. (42 x 27 cm)
Gel-Tool Kit
(Gel-Cutter, Gel-Ruler, Gel-Scooper, Gel-Tray, Faceshield)
Fluorescent Standard Step Tablet 33-0014-02