Pen-Ray® Grid Lamps

Pen-Ray® Grid Lamps are designed for stable, low-noise operation.



• Curing

• EPROM Erasure

• Transillumination

• OEM Applications

Main Features

  • Manufactured with standard or ozone free quartz materials, grid lamps provide excellent irradiance uniformity over the entire grid area
  • Custom reflectors and configurations are available
  • The intensity at 254nm wavelength is from 14 to 20+ milliwatts/cm2 at 1 inch using the recommended power supply
  • Grids are available for flat panel display applications


See Part Numbers for lamp dimensions


Recommended power supply for all grids: 40-0062-01 / 02 @ 30 mAmps

Ordering Information

*Contact Analytik Jena US for Part Numbers or for information on adding wiring and reflectors to the grids.

2W" x 6L" (51 x 152mm)
3W" x 6L" (76 x 152mm)
4W" x 8L" (102 x 203mm)
5W" x 8L" (127 x 203mm)
8W" x 8L" (203 x 203mm)
10W" x 10L" (254 x 254mm)
12W" x 12L" (305 x 305mm)