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UVP ChemStudio SA2 Now Available with Multiple Language Interface


Upland, CA - June, 2013


UVP, LLC now offers the ChemiDoc-It®TS3 Imager software with multiple language options. English is standard language format of the software and users can select from Chinese (simplified), Turkish, Japanese, Spanish, Korean and Russian for all screen text and buttons. "The language offerings will assist researchers in expediting and simplifying the image acquisition capabilities of the system. The integrated touch screen with software interaction in local languages makes the system highly intuitive and friendly," says Myrna Espiritu, International Sales Manager for UVP.

 English is standard language format of the software and users can select from Chinese (simplified), Turkish, Japanese, Spanish, Korean and Russian for all screen text and buttons

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The UVP ChemStudio SA2 is designed with high resolution and high sensitivity capabilities that are optimized for chemiluminescent, fluorescent, colorimetric and multiplex gel and blot imaging applications. Users can simply press the touch screen buttons for preview, capture and other functionality. View low light samples in the light-tight darkroom which creates an optimum environment for viewing chemiluminescent blots. Film is not required for chemiluminescent Western blots when using the UVP ChemStudio SA2.

The built-in computer creates a networkable, stand-alone system allowing users to save images to a USB stick or to a remote computer for further analysis or documentation. The modular design allows selection of UV transillumination lighting, emission filters and optional LED white light plate and UV modules. Add components as required for specific research studies.

The UVP ChemStudio SA2 with integrated all-in-one computer and touch screen enables users to quickly capture high resolution gel and blot images. The additional of language interfaces makes the UVP ChemStudio SA2 accessible for researchers with varied language requirements. The GelDoc-It®TS3 Imager, dedicated for gel imaging only, also features selection of multiple languages. For more information, go to UVP ChemStudio SA2 or UVP GelStudio SA2 Imagers web site product pages or contact UVP at (800) 452-6788/(909) 946-3197.


About UVP: UVP, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Analytik Jena, AG and operates as part of Analytik Jena's Life Science business unit. UVP specializes in designing and manufacturing fluorescence and luminescence-based imaging systems for the life sciences with systems supplied to academic, biopharmaceutical and biotechnology researchers worldwide. UVP's core manufacturing began with ultraviolet products in 1932 and the product portfolio has developed into a wide range of laboratory products and imaging systems. The company provides comprehensive service and support to customers and dealers worldwide. UVP's headquarters and manufacturing operations are located in Upland, California. European Operations, Ultra-Violet Products Ltd., is headquartered in Cambridge, England.