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Nucleic Acid Gel Documentation

Safe Gel Imaging with Blue Light Excitation Using GelGreen™ Dye  FP-170

Quantitation of Lanes and Bands using 1D Analysis  FP-160

Next Generation Gel Imaging using GelRed™ and GelGreen™ Dyes with the GelDoc-It® Imaging System  FP-153

DNA Quantitation using Agarose Electrophoresis Densitometry  FP-123

Using the UVP BioDoc-It2 Imaging System for Analysis of Differential Display RT-PCR Gels  FP-119

Products Used: GelDoc-It Imaging System and LabWorks Software

Protein Gel Imaging

Ultra Sensitive Protein Detection and Imaging with Lumitein™ Protein Gel Stain and GelDoc-It Imaging System  FP-154

Quantitative DNA and Protein Analysis with a Highly Uniform UV Illumination Imaging System and Fluorescent Calibration Step Tablet  FP-127

Cytokine Antibody Array Applications with UVP BioImaging Systems   FP-125

Applications of a Highly Uniform UV Illumination Imaging System for Quantitative DNA and Protein Analysis   FP-124

Chemiluminescent Western Blotting

Digital Chemiluminescent Imaging of Protein Blots FP-159

Capture ECLs, Westerns, Chemi Blots with the BioSpectrumAC Imaging System FP-128

Western Blot Imaging with the UVP ChemStudio PLUS (Formerly BioSpectrum)

Optimizing Western Blots for Chemiluminescent Detection with Cooled CCD Camera Imaging Systems  FP-111

Chemiluminescent Immunoblot Detection with Enhanced Luminol HRP Substrates and Digital CCD Camera   FP-117

Enhancement of Chemiluminescent Images   FP-112

Acquiring and Calibrating Chemiluminescent Blots with Visible Light Markers  FP-118

Fluorescent Western Blotting / Multiplexing

Multiplex Fluorescent Western Blot Detection Using the UVP ChemStudio Plus (formerly BioSpectrum) FP-176

Multiplex NIR Imaging of Protein Blots with the UVP ChemStudio PLUS and eLITE™ MultiSpectral Source FP-158

Colony Counting

Colony Measurement Tools Using the ColonyDoc-It™ Imaging Station FP-164

Counting GFP Inhibition Zones with the ColonyDoc-It Imaging Station FP-148

Multi-Color Bacterial Counting with the ColonyDoc-It Imaging Station FP-149

Measuring Inhibition Zones with the ColonyDoc-It Imaging Station FP-143

Radial Diffusion Assay and Analysis for Proteases and Other Hydrolytic Enzymes Using the ColonyDoc-It Imaging Station FP-147

Colony Counting GFP Bacteria with the ColonyDoc-It Imaging Station FP-142


Imaging of Fluorescent Microspheres Using the iBox® Explorer™ Imaging Microscope  FP-175

2D Gel & Blot Imaging

2D Imaging with the UVP ChemStudio PLUS (formerly Biospectrum)  FP-131 2D

Small Animal In Vivo Imaging

Infection of Soybean Plant Roots With GFP-Expressing Phytophthora Sojae, Imaged Using the iBox Explorer2 Imaging Microscope  FP-180

In Vivo Fluorescence Imaging of Angiogenic Vessels in Liver Cancer Animal Model Using the iBox Explorer2 Imaging Microscope  FP-181

Imaging of Tumor Growth and Metastasis in a Pancreatic Cancer Mouse Model  FP-186

In Vivo Imaging of a Cy5.5 Labeled Amyloid-β, an Alzheimer's Disease Associated Protein  FP-185

Low Light Imaging of Reactive Oxidative Species within Wound Sites Using Luminol  FP-179

Biodistribution Monitoring Using the iBox Explorer2 Imaging Microscope  FP-178

Imaging of Near Infrared (NIR) Dyes In Vivo  FP-173

Monitoring Tumor Progression Using the iBox® Scientia™ Imaging System  FP-172

Intravital Imaging of a Mouse Ventral Skin-Flap  FP-171

Detecting a Mouse Pancreatic Cancer Cell Line Using the iBox® Explorer™ Imaging Microscope  FP-169

Real-Time Imaging of Nuclear-Cytoplasmic Dynamics in UV Light Killing of Cancer Cells Expressing Fluorescent Proteins  FP-156

Color Coded Fluorescence Imaging in Mice Using the iBox Small Animal Imaging System  FP-155

Measuring Molecular Mobility with Macro Fluorescence Imaging  FP-151

The Advantages of Fluorescent Proteins Over Luciferase for In Vivo Imaging  FP-129

Salmonella Typhimurium Treatment of RFP Tagged U87 Tumors in Nude Mice (AntiCancer, Inc.)  FP-130

Plant Imaging

Use of Red Firefly Luciferase to Monitor Infiltration of Nicotiana benthamiana for In Planta Bioluminescence FP-184

Infection of Soybean Plant Roots With GFP-Expressing Phytophthora Sojae  FP-180

Genetic Mapping of Newly Identified Mutations Using the Arabidopsis Genome and CAPs Markers  FP-120

General Imaging Topics

Using Flat Field Correction to Compensate for Shadowing Effect When Imaging Microtiter Plates FP-122

Understanding and Detection of Green Fluorescent Proteins (GFP) and Their Variants  FP-121

Understanding CCD Cameras  FP-114

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