UVP ChemSolo Auto Imager - Versatile Bioimaging System

  • High resolution chemiMOS camera
  • Three-position automated filter tray for easy switching between emission filters, broad-band emission filter is included  
  • Overhead epi-white and epi-blue LED lights enable a wide range of applications.

Product Details

Introducing the UVP ChemSolo Auto Imager – a versatile bioimaging system designed to streamline a wide range of applications that can go from capturing fluorescent DNA and protein gels to analyzing chemiluminescent western blots and facilitating colony counting. Its intuitive automation and seamless integration with VisionWorks® Software empower users with comprehensive control over image acquisition and analysis, all conveniently accessible from their computer screens.

Key Features

  • High resolution chemiMOS camera at 9MP capability
  • Three-position automated filter tray for easy switching between emission filters. Broad-band emission filter is included with the unit.  
  • Overhead epi-white and epi-blue LED lights enable a wide range of applications
  • The wide front door with UV Protection; a safety switch automatically turns off the UV light when the door is open
  • UVP Elite UV Transilluminator offers an illumination size of 16.8 X 21cm with a maximum field of view of 16 x 16cm
  • The system is modular, allowing for the addition of accessories such as:
    • UVP Visi-Blue™ LED Transilluminator to allow 460-470nm blue transillumination
    • UVP Visi-White™ Converter Plate
    • UVP Visi-Blue™ Converter Plate

Software and Applications

Our VisionWorks® Acquisition and Analysis Software empowers users to conduct image acquisition and analysis for fluorescent gels, chemiluminescent western blots, and beyond.

About the Software

VisionWorks® Software offers intuitive capture controls and advanced image enhancement and analysis tools, streamlining the process for users. It provides a comprehensive solution for efficiently managing sample images, from auto and manual image capture modes to customizable exposure settings and image saving options (TIFF or JPEG).

Key benefits and features of the software include:

  • One-touch preset actions with auto focus and auto exposure, catering to a wide range of applications such as DNA gel, protein gel, western blot, and colony counting imaging.
  • Enhanced 1D analysis capabilities for precise lane and band editing.
  • Automated colony classification feature capable of classifying up to 3 colony classes on a single sample plate, enhancing efficiency.
  • Advanced calibration support for flat fielding, dark frame, and photon flux, ensuring accurate and consistent image results.
  • Support for 21CFR Part 11 compliance standards through master audit trail functionality, recording all activities within VisionWorks® and maintaining session integrity with user identification.


  • DNA Applications: Most used DNA dyes such as EtBr, GelRed, GelGreen, SYBR Safe, SYBR Green
  • Protein Applications: Coomassie blue and Silver stain (with UV to White converter plate), Stain Free Gel, SYPRO Ruby (and other dyes with similar excitation and emission range)
  • Western Blotting: colorimetric blot, CF488, Cy2 (or other dyes with similar excitation and emission range), Cy3 (or other dyes with similar excitation and emission range)
  • Colony Applications: Bacterial colony plate, Clonogenic assay (with UV to White converter plate)

Technical Data

Specifications/featuresUVP ChemSolo Auto
Camera/Lens9 MP chemiMOS Camera / 25mm f/0.95 Fixed Lens
Darkroom features
  • Three (3) slot filter tray with pre-installed Broad-band emission filter
  • Overhead blue and white LED illumination
Accessories included
  • Broad-band Emission Filter (535 nm - 660 nm)
  • UVP Elite UV Transilluminator (302 nm)
(H x W x D)
61 x 46 x 38 cm

Ordering Information

Order number


115 V

230 V




UVP ChemSolo Auto, 9MPx, 25mm f/0.95

38-0408-01UVP Visi-White Converter Plate 16.8 x 21cm
38-0409-02UVP Visi-Blue Converter Plate 16.8 x 21 cm
38-0220-05Emmission filter 580-630 nm: EtBr, Elite Mount
38-0219-05Emmission filter 510 - 560 nm: SYBR Green, Elite Mount
38-0220-05Emmission Filter 520 - 620 nm: SYBR Gold, Elite Mount
38-0352-05Emission FIlter 503-523 nm: GFP mice, Elite Mount
38-0340-05Emission Filter 513 - 557 nm: Cy2, FITC, FAM, GFP, SYBR Green, SYBR Gold, Elite Mount
38-0344-05Emission Filter 565 - 625 nm: Alexa555, Cy3, SYPRO Orange, Elite Mount
38-0384-05Emission Filter 570 - 740 nm: Amber, Elite Mount



UVP ChemSolo Auto Brochure

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Application Note

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UVP ChemSolo Auto Technical Data Sheet

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UVP ChemSolo Flyer

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