UVP DigiDoc-It Simple and Affordable Gel Documentation

  • High resolution Digi camera
  • Lighweight hood fits over transilluminator
  • Connects to your computer loaded with capture software

Product Details

The UVP DigiDoc-It system is ideal for image acquisition and documentation of gels, plates and membranes. The system includes a digital color camera, hood enclosure, ethidium bromide filter, and image capture software.

System Capabilities

  • DigiCam digital color camera with 24 megapixel resolution

  • Lightweight hood with UV blocking viewport for safe visualization of UV fluorescent gels

  • Access door for placement of gels on the transilluminator

  • Capture software enables live preview of images

  • High performance UV transilluminator

Applications and Software

The UVP DigiDoc-It is an affordable option for gel imaging of stained gels. Applications can be extended by adding a white light plate for colorimetric imaging or a blue light plate for excitation of gels in the 460-470 nm range. The exclusive software controls the camera functions, live preview of images, image capture and image enhancement. The software allows for the selection of user-defined, default settings and templates as well as easy annotation, use of filters and report generation.

Technical Data

UVP DigiDoc-It

UV Transillumination

FilterOne Position
Camera Resolution24 MP
Dimensions (L x W)12 x 17.75 in.

Order Information

Order numberDescription
115 V230 VModel


97-0243-02UVP DigiDoc-It Imaging System w/ Transilluminator (20 x 20 cm Filter, 302 nm UV)


97-0244-02UVP DigiDoc-It Imaging System w/ Transilluminator (21 x 26 cm Filter, 302 nm UV)


97-0246-02UVP DigiDoc-It Imaging System w/ Transilluminator (25 x 30 cm Filter, 302 nm UV)


97-0105-06UVP DigiDoc-It Imaging System (No Transilluminator)


 UVP DigiDoc-It Drawer
Order numberDescription
89-0069-06Digital Thermal Printer (115 V)
89-0069-07Digital Thermal Printer (230 V)
89-0038-01Thermal Paper, 4 Rolls (800 Images)


Brochure-UV Lab Catalog

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Appnote - The Effect of Diet on Improved Endurance in Male Mice with the UVP DigiDoc-It

Application Note

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