UVP PhotoDoc-It Compact Gel Documentation

  • High resolution Digi camera
  • Capture software for easy gel documentation
  • Selection of various UV transilluminators
  • Lightweight, compact darkroom hood with UV blocking viewer window

Product Details

The PhotoDoc-It System is a compact, economical laboratory system designed to capture, print and save color images for basic gel documention. Easily transfer images to a computer via memory cord or add a USB cable.

System Capabilities

  • DigiCam 130 digital color camera with 16 megapixel resolution

  • UV blocking viewer window

  • Lightweight hood with handles for easy transport

  • Darkroom fits on top of transilluminator

  • Included color printer for laboratory quality prints

Applications and Camera

The UVP PhotoDoc-It captures brillinat color gel images with the high resolution digital color camera. These images are saved to the memory card or may be instantly printed with the included printer. The camera may also be connected to a PC with a USB cable for transferring images.

Technical Data

UVP PhotoDoc-It

UV Transillumination

FilterOne Position
Camera Resolution16 MP
Hood Dimensions13.25W x 9.5D x 18H in.
Transilluminator Dimensions14W x 11D x 4.5H in.

Order Information

Order numberDescription
115 V230 VModel


97-0274-05UVP PhotoDoc-It Imaging System w/ M-20 Transilluminator (20 x 20 cm Filter, 302 nm UV)
97-0274-0797-0274-08UVP PhotoDoc-It Imaging System w/ LM-20 Transilluminator (20 x 20 cm Filter, 302/365 nm UV)
97-0274-1097-0274-11UVP PhotoDoc-It Imaging System w/ M-26V Transilluminator (21 x 26 cm Filter, 302 nm UV)
97-0274-1397-0274-14UVP PhotoDoc-It Imaging System w/ LM-26 Transilluminator (21 x 26 cm Filter, 302/365 nm UV)
97-0274-0197-0274-02UVP PhotoDoc-It Imaging System (No Transilluminator)
Order numberDescription
96-0164-01Paper/Ink Kit (108 prints)
38-0191-11UV to White Light Converter Plate (21 x 26 cm)
38-0200-06Visi-Blue Converter Plate (21 x 26 cm)

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