UVP Gel Compact Cellphone-Driven UV Gel Documentation System

  • All-in-one, compact gel documentation

  • Use the camera on your phone for stunning gel images
  • Cellphone-driven VisionWorks software app

  • Epi-white and epi-blue LED illumination to enable a variety of gel imaging applications

Product details

The UVP Gel Compact imager is an autonomous, independent, and cellphone-driven bioimaging system designed for the documentation and analysis for various types of samples which include but are not limited to DNA gels, protein gels, and colony plates, etc. The UVP Gel Compact allows users to capture images and analyze them via their personal mobile device equipped with Analytik Jena's VisionWorks Software App. The new VisionWorks application was generated for easy gel capture and analysis and allows for total control of the UVP Gel Compact darkroom.

The system features a 302 nm wavelength transilluminator, overhead white and blue LEDs, and phone holder/adapter that can accommodate most phone sizes on the market.

Cellphone-based imager for gel documentation and analysis

  • Camera: Unique feature of using your own cellphone to take images of your sample
  • Illumination: Overhead white and blue LED light, and UVP UV Transilluminator at 302 nm
  • Filter Tray: Four (4) position automated emission filter tray with EtBr emission filter included
  • Software and Automation: Darkroom fully automated and controlled through cellphone via the VisionWorks mobile app. VisionWorks App allows the user to capture images with a smartphone which instantly uploads to the cloud for analysis and notation
  • Accessories: A phone adapter/holder is included with each unit allowing for a range of phone sizes that work seamlessly with the UVP Gel Compact. *Phone is not included with the
  • Optional Accessories: The UVP Visi-White Converter plate, UVP Visi-Blue converter plate, UVP Visi-Blue LED Transilluminator, and a range of emission filters are available for purchase

VisionWorks Software and Software App

Enjoy all the capabilities of our VisionWorks® Touch software on your smartphone by using our new VisionWorks® App (available for iOS and Android). Our new VisionWorks® App is a powerful software that allows the capture of gel images and analysis through your cellphone while having full control of the darkroom. This feature makes the UVP Gel Compact, the perfect match for the educational market.

Key features of the VisionWorks App:

  1. User friendly interface (self-explanatory icons)
  2. Software controlled lighting and filter (connection through Bluetooth)
  3. Auto and manual focus in software
  4. Auto and manual capture
  5. Automatically save the captured image in phone gallery
  6. Cloud analysis for 1D lanes and bands auto detection, molecular weight calibration, area density analysis, colony counting and classification
  7. View result report in the App
  8. Report can be shared via email

Click below to download the VisionWorks app from the App Store or Google Play:

App Store                                 Google Play

How to: Colony Counting with VisionWorks Mobile App and the UVP Gel Compact

Technical Data

Specifications/featuresUVP Gel Compact
Camera/LensUsers cellphone; compatible with an extensive range of single or multiple lens cellphones.
Darkroom features
  • Four (4) position automated emission filter tray with EtBr emission filter included
  • Overhead EPI-White light and EPI-Blue LEDs
  • Filter and illumination control fully automated through VisionWorks App
  • Bluetooth connection will be available to connect system with the phone
Accessories included

Choice of:
UVP UV Thin-Line Transilluminator at 302 nm
UVP Visi-Blue Transilluminator at 460 - 470 nm

Dimensions W x D x H17.5 x 14 x 15 in.
Weight29 lbs

Order Information

Order numberDescription
115 V230 VModel


849-97-0947-02UVP Gel Compact, 302 nm Transilluminator
849-97-0947-03849-97-0947-04UVP Gel Compact, Blue light Transilluminator
 Emission Filters
38-0340-07Emission filter 513 – 557 nm: GelGreen, FITC, FAM™, GFP
38-0349-02Emission filter 535 – 660 nm: Ethidium Bromide, GelRed, GelGreen 
38-0220-04Emission filter 575 – 640 nm: Ethidium Bromide, RFP, Deep Purple
38-0384-02Emission filter 570 – 740 nm: SYBR Safe and SYBR Green, SYPRO® Orange, SYBR® Gold
 Converter Plates

UVP Visi-White™ Converter Plate, UV-to-White, 16.8 x 21cm

38-0409-03UVP Visi-Blue™ Converter Plate, UV-to-Blue, 16.8 x 21cm


Brochure - UVP Gel Compact

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UVP Gel Compact Operating Manual

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Appnote_DNA Gel Imaging Using the UVP Gel Compact Imager

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Appnote_Imaging A Stain Free Protein Gel Using the UVP Gel Compact

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How To: UVP Gel Compact - Analyze Coomassie Blue Gel

Application Note

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AppNote - Colony Counting Using the UVP Gel Compact

Application Note

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