UVP Crosslinker

  • Crosslinking of DNA and RNA to nylon or nitrocellulose membranes

  • UV sterilization with 254 nm UV lights

  • Microprocessor control provides precise UV dose control

  • Irradiation can be defined as energy (Joules/cm²) or time (seconds)

Product Details

  • Preset programs for nucleic acid immobilization at 120 mJoule/cm2
  • Safety interlock door with UV protection glass

Immobilization of Nucleic Acids to Membranes

The UVP Crosslinker is a microprocessor controlled UV irradiation system dedicated to nucleic acid linking to membranes for Southern, Northern, Dot and Slot Blot applications. It can also be used for UV sterilization and for elimination of PCR contaminations.

Microprocessor Controlled Reproducibility
The programmable microprocessor constantly monitors the UV light emission. Irradiation stops exactly when the programmed energy is achieved. Thus, the effect of decreasing UV intensity due to bulb aging is compensated for.

The UVP Crosslinker combines the latest UV technology with high quality manufacturing: stainless steel UV exposure chamber, protective quartz disk on the UV sensor cell, and a highly resistant and easy-to-clean keypad and housing.

Ease of use
The large display provides a series of predefined methods, making the UVP Crosslinker an easy to use yet powerful instrument for immobilization of nucleic acids to membranes. The programmed data are shown on the LED display.

Technical Data


Technical Data

UV light

5 x 8W 254 nm or 365 nm

UV irradiation energy

60,000 µJ/cm2 to 999,999 µJ/cm2

Maximum time of exposure

999.9 min

Instrument dimensions
(H x W x D, cm)

22.2 x 40.0 x 34.9

Chamber (inside) dimensions
(H x W x D, cm)

12.7 x 30.5 x 25.4

Order Information

Previous description: UVLink 1000

Order numberItem
115 V230 V100 VDescriptionWavelength
95-0174-01   (US)
849-30101-4 (EU)
95-0174-02   (US)
849-30101-2 (EU)
95-0174-03   (US)
849-30101-5 (EU)
UVP Crosslinker254 nm
95-0228-01   (US)95-0228-02   (US)95-0228-03   (US)UVP Crosslinker302 nm
95-0230-01   (US)95-0230-02   (US)95-0230-03   (US)UVP Crosslinker365 nm
95-0339-01   (US)95-0339-02   (US)95-0339-03   (US)

UVP Crosslinker - featuring a pull out drawer

254 nm
34-0007-01   (US)
849-057-007 (EU)
Replacement UV tube, 8 Watt, 254 nm
34-0042-01   (US)Replacement UV tube, 8 Watt, 302 nm
34-0006-01   (US)Replacement UV tube, 8 Watt, 365 nm

Manual UVP Crosslinker

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