UVP EL Series UV Lamps

  • Select from lamps with four, six or eight watts

  • Models include 254 nm UV, 365 nm UV, combination 254/365 nm UV or UV with white light versions

  • Single UV models have two tubes of the same wavelength

  • 2UV models use two different wavelengths

  • 3UV models are available only in eight watt lamps and use 254/302/365 nm UV

Product Details

Select from a variety of wavelengths

Manufactured with a durable, extruded metal housing and scratch resistant powder paint. Select from a large range of lamps with single or multiple wavelengths and watts.

Rugged design is excellent for high usage. The lamps are lightweight for easy holding or place the lamp in the stand or cabinet for hands free operation. The built-in reflector enhances UV illumination.

Applications include:

  • Photochemistry/Phosphorescence

  • Inspection

  • Laboratory

  • General Chemical Laboratory

*Product performance and effectiveness will depend on the user.*

Technical Data

WattsFour, six or eight watt models
Light Sources254 nm, 302 nm, 365 nm, White
(Refer to part numbers for details on wavelengths for each lamp)
HousingMetal housing with scratch resistant powder coat
Cord Length8 Feet
Lamp Dimensions4 Watt EL Lamps: 9.8L x 3.8W x 2.5D in. (249 x 97 x 64 mm)
6 Watt EL Lamps 12L x 3.8W x 2.5D in. (302 x 96 x 64 mm)
8 Watt EL Lamps 14.8L x 3.8W x 2.5D in. (376 x 96 x 64 mm)
Lamp Stand Dimensions10.74H x 13L x 3W in. (273 x 330 x 76 mm)


Order Information

EL Series Four Watt Lamp Part Numbers
115 V230 VModelWatt/WavelengthReplacement Filter
95-0264-0195-0264-02UVL-144 Watt, 365 nm / White38-0183-02
95-0267-0195-0267-02UVL-244 Watt, 365 nm38-0183-05
95-0271-0195-0271-02UVLS-244 Watt, 2UV 254/365 nm38-0183-03
95-0265-0195-0265-02UVM-144 Watt, 302 nm / White38-0183-01
95-0268-0195-0268-02UVM-244 Watt, 302 nm38-0183-04
95-0270-0195-0270-02UVLM-244 Watt, 302/365 nm38-0183-03
95-0266-0195-0266-02UVS-144 Watt, 254 nm / White38-0183-01
95-0269-0195-0269-02UVS-244 Watt, 254 nm38-0183-04
EL Series Six Watt Lamp Part Numbers
95-0275-0195-0275-02UVL-266 Watt, 365 nm38-0182-05
95-0278-0195-0278-02UVLM-266 Watt, 2UV 302/365 nm38-0182-03
95-0279-0195-0279-02UVLS-266 Watt, 2UV 254/365 nm38-0182-04
95-0273-0195-0273-02UVM-166 Watt, 302 nm / White38-0182-04
95-0274-0195-0274-02UVS-166 Watt, 254 nm / White38-0182-01
95-0277-0195-0277-02UVS-266 Watt, 254 nm38-0182-04
95-0272-0195-0272-02UVL-166 Watt, 365 nm / White38-0182-02
EL Series Eight Watt Lamp Part Numbers
95-0248-0195-0248-02UVL-288 Watt, 365 nm38-0158-01
95-0251-0195-0251-02UVLM-288 Watt, 2UV 302/365 nm38-0158-03
95-0252-0195-0252-02UVLMS-388 Watt, 3UV 254/302/365 nm38-0158-06
95-0201-0195-0201-02UVLS-288 Watt, 2UV 254/365 nm38-0158-03
95-0199-0195-0199-02UVM-188 Watt, 302 nm / White38-0158-05
95-0250-0195-0250-02UVM-288 Watt, 302 nm38-0158-02
95-0200-0195-0200-02UVS-188 Watt, 254 nm / White38-0158-05
95-0249-0195-0249-02UVS-288 Watt, 254 nm38-0158-02
95-0198-0195-0198-02UVL-188 Watt, 365 nm / White38-0158-04
Replacement Parts / Accessories
18-0063-01J-138Lamp Stand
34-0056-01Replacement Tube8 Watt, White
34-0006-01Replacement Tube8 Watt, 365 nm
34-0042-01Replacement Tube8 Watt, 302 nm
34-0007-01Replacement Tube8 Watt, 254 nm
34-0063-01Replacement Tube6 Watt, White
34-0034-01Replacement Tube6 Watt, 365 nm
34-0044-01Replacement Tube6 Watt, 302 nm
34-0013-01Replacement Tube6 Watt, 254 nm
34-0066-01Replacement Tube4 Watt, White
34-0005-01Replacement Tube4 Watt, 365 nm
34-0071-01Replacement Tube4 Watt, 302 nm
34-0003-01Replacement Tube4 Watt, 254 nm


EL Series UV Lamps Manual

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