UVP Mineralight UV Display Lamps

  • Two 25-watt UV tubes for bright illumination

  • Available with 254 nm, 302 nm or 365 nm UV

  • Use the brackets included with the lamp to attach the lamp to the ceiling or other structure for overhead UV illumination

Product Details

UVP Mineralight display lamps use two 25-watt high performance tubes providing hours of UV illumination. Each lamp comes with adjustable handles and mounting bracket for hanging.

Applications include:

  • Fluorescence
  • Inspection

*Product performance and effectiveness will depend on the user.*

Technical Data

UV Source

254 nm, 302 nm or 365 nm UV




18.5L x 4.75W x 5H in. (470 x 114 x 89 mm)


Weight: 10 lb (4.6 kg)

Order Information

Part Numbers
115 V230 VModelDescription / WavelengthReplacement Tubes
95-0190-0195-0190-02UVL-225DMineralight Display Lamp, 365 nm34-0060-01 (365 nm)
95-0189-0195-0189-02UVM-225DMineralight Display Lamp, 302 nm34-0072-01 (302 nm)
95-0192-0195-0192-02UVLS-225DMineralight Display Lamp, 254/365 nm34-0060-01 (365 nm)
34-0073-01 (254 nm)
95-0191-0195-0191-02UVS-225DMineralight Display Lamp, 254 nm34-0073-01 (254 nm)

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