UVP Portable UV Lamps

  • Portable six-watt UV lamp

  • Select from longwave, shortwave or split-tube longwave/shortwave combination

  • Split tube model includes a sliding plate for selecting either longwave or shortwave

  • Distinctive wrap around lamp handle that comfortably balances the lamp in your hand

  • Mini built-in flashlight is included

  • Lamp is operated by either standard or rechargeable 6-volt batteries (two required, order separately)

  • Optional battery charger (12 V float battery charger) for use with rechargeable batteries

Product Details

UVP Portable UV Lamps (six watts) are lightweight, durable plastic lamps, excellent for field use. Lamps are available with longwave, shortwave or split-tube longwave/shortwave combination.

Applications include:

  • Field Inspection
  • Lapidary

*Product performance and effectiveness will depend on the user.*


Technical Data

UV Source

365 nm, 254 nm or split tube 254/365 nm

Portable Lamp Dimensions

9.5L x 2.8W x 9.4H in. (241 x 71 x 238 mm)


4 lb. (.8 kg)


Order Information

Portable UV Lamps
Part NumberModelDescriptionReplacement Filter
95-0011-01ML-49Portable UV Lamp, 365 nm 
95-0009-02UVG-47Portable UV Lamp, 254 nm98-0009-04
95-0010-02UVGL-48Portable UV Lamp, 254/365 nm
(Multi-band split tube lamp)
Replacement Parts / Accessories
34-0016-01Replacement Tube, 365 nm
34-0013-01Replacement Tube, 254 nm
34-0015-01Replacement Tube, 254/365 nm
(multi-band split tube)
34-0014-01Bulb, White
45-0005-01Battery 6V
45-0005-02Rechargeable Battery 6V

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