UVP Rechargeable UV Lamps

  • UVP Rechargeable Lamps have two tubes for added UV intensity

  • Model UVSL-26P can operate with both longwave and shortwave on at the same time

  • Rechargeable lamps are equipped with an internal gel-based, lead-acid battery which can be charged for field operation from a standard wall outlet

  • A 12V adapter is available for operating the lamp from a car cigarette lighter

Product Details

Carry the portable/rechargeable six watt UV lamps anywhere. Built-in lead acid battery allows hours of use. Select from longwave or shortwave UV models or a combination of both wavelengths in one lamp.

Applications include:

  • Field Inspection
  • Lapidary

*Product performance and effectiveness will depend on the user.*


Technical Data

UV Source

254 nm or 365 nm

Power Source

6 V batteries


5.5L x 3W x 9.8H in. (249 x 76 x 140 mm)


Order Information

Part Numbers
115 V230 VModelDescriptionFilter
95-0187-0195-0187-02UVS-26PRechargeable UV Lamp, 254 nm 
95-0181-0195-0181-02UVSL-26PRechargeable UV Lamp, 254/365 nm38-0154-01
95-0186-0195-0186-02UVL-26PRechargeable UV Lamp, 365 nm BLB 
34-0013-01Replacement Tube, 254 nm
34-0034-01Replacement Tube, 365 nm
34-0016-01Replacement Tube, 365 nm BLB

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