UVP Power Supplies

Power Supplies for use with UVP Pen-Rays.

Product Details

Pen-Ray Lamps operate on AC current. For certain systems it may be desirable to operate the lamp at higher frequencies than 60 Hz. Lamps can operate satisfactorily at frequencies from 50 Hz to 50 kHz. Lamps using PS-6 operate at the nominal frequency of 38 kHz. Mating recommendations are available to provide optimum energy output from, and maximum life span of, Pen-Ray Lamps.

The power supplies feature a standard lamp current shown in the chart. Power supplies can be ordered with specific ranges and currents. Contact Analytik Jena US for information.

Specific DC power supplies are designed as open power sources with board only and no housing for placement in other units.

Order Information

Part NumberModelInput CurrentPrimary VoltageLamp Current (mA/AC)Dimensions
L x W x H (mm)
AC input power supplies
99-0055-01PS-1AC115V/60Hz18160 x 94 x 53
99-0055-02PS-1AC230V/50Hz18160 x 94 x 53
99-0056-01PS-2AC115V/60Hz6160 x 94 x 53
99-0056-02PS-2AC230V/50Hz6160 x 94 x 53
99-0057-01PS-3AC115V/60Hz10160 x 94 x 53
99-0057-02PS-3AC230V/50Hz10160 x 94 x 53
99-0004-01PS-4AC115V/60Hz26117 x 147 x 97
99-0004-02PS-4AC230V/50Hz26117 x 147 x 97
40-0062-01PS-8AC115V/60Hz30256 x 102 x 86
40-0062-02PS-8AC230V/50Hz30256 x 102 x 86
99-0033-01PS-9AC115V/60Hz48147 x 117 x 92
99-0033-02PS-9AC230V/50Hz48147 x 117 x 92
DC input power supplies
44-0002-01PS-7*DC12V/30kHz5/1028 x 56 x 17
99-0076-01PS-6*DC24V/38kHz1898 x 89 x 38
99-0077-01PS-5*DC12V/38kHz1898 x 89 x 38
99-0065-01PS-6DC24V/38kHz28122 x 108 x 51
99-0065-02PS-6**DC24V/38kHz18122 x 108 x 51
99-0065-03PS-6DC24V/38kHz18122 x 108 x 51
99-0065-04PS-6**DC24V/38kHz10122 x 108 x 51
99-0065-05PS-6DC24V/38kHz10122 x 108 x 51
99-0065-06PS-6**DC24V/38kHz6122 x 108 x 51
99-0065-07PS-6DC24V/38kHz6122 x 108 x 51

 * Board only
** With timer

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