Pen-Ray® Rare Gas Lamps

Rare gas lamp stock designs incorporate the Pen-Ray® 11SC-1 body but replace the Mercury for other reactive ingredients.



• Fluorescent Inspections/Calibration

Main Features

  • Gases available include Argon, Krypton, Neon, Xenon and Neon-Mercury
  • Emission spectra of these lamps are available
  • Gas combinations and alternative body designs are also available as custom products


UV Source: 254nm
Volts Start/Operate: 800V/270V
Open Cir. Voltage: 2300VAC
Max. Primary Lamp Current: 400 ma/18ma (avg)
Rare Gas Lamp Dimensions: Total Length: 4.62" (117.3mm)
Lighted Length: 2.12" (53.8mm)
Quartz Diameter: 0.256" (6.5mm)


Ordering Information

Part Number Special
90-0013-01 Argon fill
90-0014-01 Krypton fill
90-0015-01 Neon fill
90-0016-01 Neon-Mercury fill
90-0017-01 Xenon fill
Power Supplies
99-0057-01 (115V) / 99-0057-02 (230V)  For Argon, Krypton, Neon, Neon-Mercury lamps
99-0056-01 (115V) / 99-0056-02 (230V)  For Xenon lamps

Power Supplies Specifications