A Word of CautioN             FROM UVP    

Transilluminators and other ultraviolet equipment are powerful sources of ultraviolet radiation which can cause serious damage to unprotected eyes and skin. Always read the product manual before operating the unit.

Important Safety             Information

Ultraviolet transilluminators and ultraviolet lamps are powerful sources of UV radiation that will cause damage to unprotected eyes and skin. Before operating any unit, be sure all personnel in the area are properly protected. Personnel should protect skin and eyes by wearing ultraviolet protection eyewear, gloves and clothing when operating the UV equipment.

When using a transilluminator, it is recommended that the transilluminator be installed and operated in a darkroom where access and exposure to UV is limited while the unit is in operation. If a darkroom is unavailable, UVP offers darkrooms or covers which provide protection from accidental exposure. For information, contact UVP.

Each transilluminator is shipped with an ultraviolet blocking cover. Even though this cover blocks the UV radiation emitted by the unit, UV Blocking Eyewear should be worn as well. UVP has a complete line of UV Blocking Eyewear: Spectacles, Goggles and Faceshield designed for this purpose.

Contact UVP for further information concerning UV exposure.