UVP GelStudio™ PLUS / UVP GelStudio™ PLUS touch Imagers

With 50 years of experince in imaging, the creators of the UVP GelStudio PLUS imaging systems, are the experts of gel documentation and imaging. The UVP GelStudio PLUS and UVP GelStudio PLUS touch systems are essential to laboratories performing genomic and proteomic applications. These gel documentation systems are used for high sensitivity imaging of DNA gels, protein gels, Coomassie Blue, GelGreen, SYBR Green and a wide range of genomic applications. The ergonomically designed GelStudio is available as a stand-alone system as well as an external computer version for those laboratories with particular IT/computer restrictions.

Main Features

  • Available as a touch screen controlled system or as an external computer operated system, for those laboratories with particular IT/Computer requirements.
  • High sensitivity camera and optics. The imager features a 5.0 megapixel camera, with an automated f/1.2 zoom lens. Contrast-rich images of fluorescent and colored samples.
  • Integrated, 15.6 inch, multi-touch computer, with large storage capacity. Ideal for multitasking and viewing several images. Fully networkable system. Connects over wireless network for simple transfer of files and data.
  • Wide maximum illuminated imaging area for imaging multiple gels of various sizes (up to 25 x 26 cm). Compact footprint which maximizes laboratory bench space.
  • Unique "Slide2Hide" door, features smooth operation and limits bench top interferences, when tucked beneath the darkroom door.
  • Integrated UV Protection Shield, maximizes protection from UV radiation while working over the transilluminated surface.
  • Overhead white lighting is included, with optional UV and blue light.
  • Five-position automated, filter tray for easy access (Ethidium bromide filter included)
  • Upgradeable to support UVP eLITE Light Source module, for excitation from 400 to 800 nm wavelength applications.
  • VisionWorks touch software, features Templates for automated image acquisition and enhancement. Acquisition settings such as auto-exposure, focus, zoom, lighting and filter selections can easily be saved and reused, for one-touch capture.

Product Info

These systems ensure an enhanced gel imaging experience, with a large 15.6”, integrated touch screen computer, a unique Slide2Hide door for easy access to the interior of the darkroom and a Thin-Line Transilluminator in a compact form.

Designed for laboratory efficiency and ease-of-use.

The integrated 15.6 inch, wide touch-screen computer, allows clear visuals of faint bands and finer details of gel images. Multi-tasking is easier to perform on a wide screen, requiring multiple windows and files. Large and visible application icons on the VisionWorks touch Software, increases accessibility for improved and efficient workflow. Additionally, the computer has 500GB of hardware capacity to store large amounts of images, template and data. 7 USB ports are available for the use of keyboard, mouse and other accessories. A stylus is included for simple and precise control.

The darkroom features a Thin-Line Transilluminator in a slide-out tray for easy access, with uniform and high-intensity UV lighting in a compact form. A wide imaging area of 25 x 26cm, allows imaging of multiple gels, various gel sizes and several colony plates. The Thin-Line Transilluminator is designed with long-life UV lamps, for minimum service requirements, independent from the number of times the transilluminator is turned on/off. Thin UV lamp technology is instant-on with no need for warm-up to provide high intensity and uniform lighting. A UV intensity switch “low/high” is included for optimal radiation for documentation or for preparative work.

Users have several ergonomic features such as the Slide2Hide door, which folds down and slides neatly, underneath the darkroom, to limit bench top interferences and allow unimpeded access to the interior of the darkroom.

Automation features on the UVP GelStudio PLUS imaging systems, drastically improve workflow in laboratories. An automated five-position filter wheel, in a slide-out tray allows for simple changeover, to various emission wavelengths. On the UVP GelStudio PLUS systems, all VisionWorks® software packages include Templates, to preset capture settings such as filters, auto-exposure, focus, zoom and lighting, among others. This ensures that different application settings are saved for various researchers performing experiments on one imaging system.

Highest regard for safety protection.

An integrated UV Protection Shield, maximizes protection from UV radiation, in working over the UV transillumination surface when the darkroom door is open. The UV Protection Shield is invisibly stored and there is no need for a separate storage location. It is easily pulled down for immediate use and can be set at a custom angle according to the user´s need. When the Thin-Line Transilluminator is rolled out, the shield protects users from UV transillumination when performing preparative work on gels.

Additionally, the systems are equipped with a red UV On indicator light, to alert the users of the presence of UV light.

Advanced technical specifications and capabilities.

High resolution and light sensitivity is achieved with a 5.0 megapixel camera and an automated f/1.2 zoom lens for close-up image capture.

With the addition of accessories and lighting filters, the UVP GelStudio PLUS imagers are expanded to perform a wide range of applications. UVP Visi-White™ LED Plates are easily plugged in, for Coomassie blue, Silver Stains, etc. Use a UVP Visi-Blue™ Converter Plate for blue excitation applications, including GelGreen and SYBR Green (460-470nm).

Compatible with UVP eLITE Light Source for overhead excitation from 400-800nm wavelengths. This accessory uses a Xenon light engine technology, for uniform and high-intensity lighting, across the full range of Technicolor applications.

The full package VisionWorks Acquisition and Analysis Software is for use on an external computer and has several features for quantitative analysis and report generation. 1D quantitation, area density and colony counting analysis. Reports are created showing extensive analysis results including Molecular Weight (MW), Rf, band intensities and area density calculations. Data can be exported to Excel.

History of outstanding service and support.

Dedicated application and technical service teams are always available to provide customized service and support.

IQ/OQ (Installation and Qualification) Documents and on-site support is available for purchase.

Combine all these advanced features into one imaging system, and fluorescent detection of DNA gels, protein gels, colony plates, TLC plates, fluorescent dye applications, is simple, safe and takes publication quality imaging, to the next generation.

Specifications and Features

Camera Resolution 2592 x 1944 pixels (5.0 MP)
Lens 8-48 mm, f/1.2, automated zoom lens
Data Depth 12 bit
File Depth 16 bit
Filter Wheel Five-position automated filter wheel
Light Sources
  • Overhead white light included. Overhead UV (optional)
  • Thin-line transilluminator (25 x 26 cm filter size). Includes 302 nm UV with 50% and 100% intensity control
Darkroom Features
  • 15.6” integrated, multi-touch computer (UVP GelStudio PLUS touch only)
  • 15.6” integrated, multi-touch computer (UVP GelStudio PLUS touch only)
  • Slide2Hide door
  • Thin-Line Transilluminator in a pull-out tray
  • Integrated, slide-down, UV Protection shield
  • UV On indicator light
  • USB port (right panel of unit)
  • 7 USB ports (back side of unit
  • Access port for optional UVP eLITE Light Source
Accessories Included
  • Ethidium bromide filter
  • VisionWorks touch Software for image capture and enhancement (multiple copies available)
  • VisionWorks Acquisition and Analysis Software for image capture and analysis (unlimited licenses)
  • UVP Fluorescent Focus Target
  • UVP Gel Tray
  • UVP Gel Ruler
  • Empty flash drive for data and image storage
  • Keyboard and mouse (UVP GelStudio PLUS touch only)


  • Gel imaging
  • DNA gels
  • Coomassie blue
  • Protein gels
  • Blue/White gels
  • Plant Imaging
  • Fluorescent dyes
  • Colorimetric
  • Multiplex imaging
  • Colony Counting

Ordering Information

230V 115V Imager
849-00552-2 849-00552-4 UVP GelStudio PLUS+: External computer control
849-00553-2 849-00553-4 UVP GelStudio PLUS touch+: Stand-alone system


Name Catalog Number Part Number
Overhead UV Modules
UV Module, 254/365nm, 4watt (115V) (Qty. 2 Recommended) 849-20700-4 95-0021-12
UV Module, 254/365nm, 4 watt (230V) (Qty. 2 Recommended) 849-20700-0 95-0021-10
Fuse, 3.15A (for Darkroom) (Qty. 2 Required) 849-56-0022-04 56-0022-04
Emission Filters
Filter, Ethidium Bromide, 50mm Square 849-00400-0 38-0220-01
Filter, SYBR Green, 50mm Square 849-00401-0 38-0219-01
Filter, SYBR Green, 50mm Square 849-00402-0 38-0221-01
Transilluminator Accessories
UVP Visi-White™ Converter Plate, 16.8 x 21cm 849-20500-0 38-0408-01
UVP Visi-Blue™ Converter Plate, 16.8 x 21cm 849-38-0409-01 95-0476-01
UVP Visi-White™ LED Plate 16.8 x 21 cm, 12VDC 849-20511-0 38-0191-04
UVP Visi-Blue™ LED Plate 16.8 x 21cm, 12VDC 849-20521-0 38-0200-04
UV bulb replacement 34-0099-01 34-0099-01
Gel Accessories
UVP Gel-Cutter (Qty. 2) 849-20603-0 85-0002-01
UVP Gel-Ruler (Qty. 2) 849-20600-0 85-0003-01
UVP Gel Scooper 846-057-013
UVP Gel-Tray, small 849-20605-0 85-0007-01
Gel-Sentry DNA Preparation Plate 97-0076-01
Fluorescent Standard Step Tablet 33-0014-02
Protective Equipment
Spectacles, UV Blocking (UVC-303) 846-055-002
Goggles, UV blocking (UVC-503) 98-0002-02 98-0002-02
Other Accessories
Thermal printer Mitsubishi P95DE, high-resolution (325 dpi), USB 2.0 interface, dimensions 8.5 x 15.4 x 23.9 (H x W x D, cm) 849-20100-0
Thermal printer paper KP65HM, high contrast, 4 rolls, 20m 849-20111-0
Thermal printer paper K95HG, high-gloss, 4 rolls, 18m 846-20110-0

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