UVP HybriLinker Hybridization Oven

nnovative UVP HybriLinker combines the benefits of a Hybridization Oven and UV Crosslinker (254nm UV) in one self-contained, space saving unit for crosslinking prior to hybridization protocols.


• Nucleic acid hybridization

• UV Crosslinking

Main Features

The hybridization oven features:

  • This unique, new design for the Life Science Laboratory allows crosslinking and hybridization at one location

  • Hybridization oven and crosslinker operate independently of each other

  • Temperature control (ambient to +10°C to 99.9°C)

  • Variable speed control (10 to 15 RPM) enables consistent saturation of samples, whether it be for washing or hybridizing

  • Large LCD display is easily readable

  • Drip trays catch spills

  • Stainless steel internal construction aids in maintaining a clean environment

  • Multiple bottle sizes, arrangements and off-set bottle positions

  • Optional rocker plate allows use of various types of flasks

The crosslinker chamber features:

  • Shortwave 254nm, 8 watt, ultraviolet tubes supply uniform overhead UV illumination

  • Preset and manual controls for ultraviolet or time exposures

  • Preset exposure delivers 120,000 microjoules or five minutes of exposure

  • Microprocessor measures and controls UV output, ensuring maximum energy efficiency

  • Large LCD display continuously displays time or energy settings

  • Tactile membrane switch keypad

  • Window on the door allows viewing of the process yet blocks out the UV exposure

  • Pull-out drawer provides easy access for placement of samples

  • Crosslinker is available as a separate unit (see UV Crosslinkers)


Hybridization Oven

UVP Hybrilinker
Variable Speed
10 to 15 RPM
Heating Element
1250 watts
Operation Range
Ambient to +10°C to 99.9°C
Temperature Accuracy
±0.5°C - 68°C
Temperature Display
Temperature Stability

Inside Oven: ±0.3°C to 68°C
Inside Bottles: ±0.1°C to 68°C
Temperature Uniformity

Inside Oven: ±0.1°C to 68°C
Inside Bottles: ±0.1°C to 68°C
Bottle Capacity

Twenty (20) 35 x 150 mm
Ten (10) 35 x 300 mm
115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz
Interior Dimensions
14"W x 10.75"H x 10.75D (356 x 273 x 273mm)


  • Pre-set or user-selected UV energy or UV time exposure settings

  • Maximum UV energy setting of 999,900 microjoules per cm2

  • LCD displays time or energy

  • Internal interlocking UV safety system

  • Tactile membrane keypad

  • Five 8-watt, 254nm shortwave dual bipin discharge tubes

Dimensions: Exterior:
17.5"W x 24"H x 15"D (445 x 610 x 381mm)


Orbital Motion Tray:
The tray provides continuous movement for thorough mixing of samples in flasks or other containers. The tray plugs into the chamber and is controlled by the power switch.

Orbital Motion Tray:  98-0067-04
Maximum Load:  3 lbs.
Rotation Speed:  30 rpm @ 2° angle

    Tray: 10"W x 6.5"D
    Overall: 10.3"W x 8.2"D x 4.5"H

For use of the orbital tray outside the ovens, order the following:

Orbital Motion Tray, external, stand-alone, 100/115V:  98-0067-05
Orbital Motion Tray, external, stand-alone, 230V:  98-0067-06

Rocker Tray:  98-0067-03
The optional Rocker Tray provides a rocking motion and designed to accommodate various types of flasks in the UVP Hybrilinker. The tray moves at 7 cycles/min and up to 14 cycles/min on the highest speed. The tray rocks at 12 degrees total (+6 degrees). To use the plate, remove the rotary wheel from oven and connect the rocker plate arm to the motor controls.

Bottles:   Small bottles are made of lead-free borosilicate glass with a polypropylene cap and PTFE seal. Bottles have excellent long-term reliability.

Bottle, 35 x 150
Bottle, 35 x 300

Ordering Information

Part Numbers
115V 230V Model
95-0031-01 95-0031-02 UVP HybriLinker
98-0067-04 Orbital Tray
98-0067-05 98-0067-06 Orbital Motion Tray, external, stand-alone
07-0194-01 Bottle, 35 x 150
07-0194-02 Bottle, 35 x 300
98-0067-03 Rocker Tray
76-0053-01 Rocker plate, removable, stainless steel construction ( for units prior to 10/2003)
34-0007-01 Replacement Tube, 254nm UV)