uvp ibox studio - Analytik Jena US LLC

Product info:

For researchers with limited

focus on, or just starting in vivo pre-clinical studies, the UVP iBox Studio

provides highly sensitive fluorescence in vivo imaging at an affordable price.

From in depth in vivo studies to quick screening, researchers can use this

compact yet powerful imaging system to perform their choice of in vivo

application. Camera and light source options provide maximum flexibility in

system configuration.

Compact, Ergonomic design and features:

With a

small footprint and fold-down door, the UVP iBox Studio maximizes the use of

the often limited laboratory bench space and removes benchtop interference. An

integrated 13.3 inch, wide touch-screen computer allows for comfortable

visualization of fluorescent reporters. All lighting and controls are software

automated and are right at your fingertips. A software controlled five-position

filter wheel, in a slide-out tray, allows for simple changeover, to various

emission wavelengths.

High performance cameras and software:

Optimize your application by

choosing between two high performance cooled camera options. Each camera is

configured with the UVP iBox Studio to enable rapid in vivo imaging and repeat

observation with minimal disturbance to the subject. The included VisionWorks

Software tools provide users with the freedom to apply image enhancement and

analysis features when needed. They create uncompromised raw data and preserve

this true data, promising the highest quantitative value. The enhancement and

analysis features offered include many powerful tools, such as: colony

counting, area density, noise reduction, background subtraction, inversion,

pseudocolor, compositing, and more.

Optional anesthesia system:

Several components are

combined in the optional UVP anesthesia system in order to regulate and

administer a combination of oxygen and isoflurane/sevoflurane gas to the

animal. The initial anesthesia is performed in the induction chamber. The

animal is then moved to the warming plate inside the iBox darkroom and

connected to a nose cone. The warming plate generates uniform temperature

conditions which maintain a safe body temperature of the animal during the

imaging process. A low profile breathing device on the plate connects to

patented valves. The system’s non-rebreathing technology prevents backflow of

gases into the darkroom and ensures user safety.



Units: Optional anesthesia equipment provides easy-connect, dedicated ports for

inlet and outlet isoflurane gas lines. The heat controlled warmer plate

maintains a constant temperature for prevention of mouse hypothermia.

Multiple-port manifold allows up to three at one time. A pull-out tray in the

darkroom enables hassle-free placement of mice in the darkroom chamber. The

anesthesia system features patented rebreathing technology.