Visi-Blue™ Transilluminators

Visi-Blue Transilluminators are UV safe and convert 365nm UV to 460-470nm blue light for use with various stains including GFP stains, SYBR Green and SYPRO Orange. Two filter sizes are available.


• 460-470nm excitation samples

Main Features

Visi-Blue Transilluminators are designed for use with GFP stains. As compared to UV, the blue light will transmit through almost any transparent (plastic, glass, etc.) laboratory equipment. This is essential when monitoring and detecting DNA migration and protein expression in real time.

    • Two models are available with surface areas as follows: 21x26cm or 20x40cm

    • Select from models with 8-watts or 25-watts

    • Amber cover (included) blocks blue light transmission and allows visualization of media above 500nm


Intensity:  Select models offer single intensity other models include variable intensity. Refer to the part numbers tab for information.

Variable intensity settings:  High/Medium/Low - High setting allows for blue light (460-470 nm) excitation of fluorophores on gels for routine photography. Medium is excellent for viewing and quick single-band excision. Low setting allows for positioning and preparation of gels, excising multiple bands, and focusing for photography.

Light Source:
VB-26 Watts:
8 watts
VB-40 Watts:
25 watts

VB-26: 11.25D x 14W x 5H* in. (241 x 337 x 121mm)
Height includes UV blocking orange cover
VB-40: 13.25D x 19.13W x 5.64H* in. (337 x 486 x 143mm)
*Height includes UV blocking orange cover


Ordering Information

Part Numbers
100-115V 230V Model Intensity
Wavelength Filter Size
95-0461-01 95-0461-02 VB-26 Variable 460-470nm 21x26cm
95-0433-01 95-0433-02 VB-40 Variable 460-470nm 20x40cm
Replacement Tubes
Replacement Tube 34-0031-01 8 watt, 365nm
Replacement Tube 34-0060-01 25 watt, 365nm BLB