White Light Transilluminators

White light transilluminators supply back-lit white light. Available in two filter sizes. The TW-26 is pictured.


• Autoradiographs

• X-ray Films

• Microtiter plates

Main Features

  • Two white light models are available with work surface areas of 21 x 26cm or 36 x 43cm

  • Plexiglass and glass surfaces are double-safety sealed into the unit for durability, providing a scratch and chemical resistant work area

  • Uniform light diffusion

  • The TW-43 features a clip on one edge of the filter glass to hold film in place

  • Transilluminators carry a two-year warranty


Light Source:
White Light
TW-26 Watts:
8 watts
TW-43 Watts:
14 watts

TW-26: 9.5D x 13.25W x 4.25H in. (241 x 337 x 108mm)
Weight: 8 lb (3.6 kg)
TW-43: 19.1D x 16W x 4.25H in. (486 x 406 x 108mm)
Weight: 19 lb (8.6 kg)

Ordering Information

Part Numbers
115V 230V Model Wavelength Filter Size
95-0208-01 95-0208-02 TW-26 White 21x26cm
95-0214-01 95-0214-02 TW-43 White 36x43cm
Replacement Tubes
Replacement Tube 34-0056-01 8 watt, White
Replacement Tube 34-0059-01 14 watt, White