XX-Series UV Bench Lamps

Bench XX-Series UV Lamps offer a complete selection of models - fixture only or with a choice of the following wavelengths: longwave, BLB (black light blue), shortwave or midrange. Wavelength 352nm BLB tubes are available for the XX-15 fixture.


• Shortwave UV: Sterilization and sanitation

• Longwave/Midrange: Fluoresence and inspection

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Main Features

  • Various fixture sizes, watts and wavelengths are available

  • Lamps include holes on each end of the fixture for hanging or mounting the lamp

  • Lamps are manufactured with a durable aluminum housing and powder paint scratch resistant finish

  • Shortwave lamps can be used in an upward facing position for purifying air or in a downward position for sanitizing work surfaces

  • 254nm UV can kill up to 99% of organisms from bacteria, yeast, mold spores, germs and viruses

  • Shortwave UV (254nm) offer reliable and effective tool for sterilization and sanitation applications in hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and clinics.

  • UV intensity can be increased by bringing the lamp closer to object being sterilized

  • The 352nm BLB tubes can be used in inspection and testing applications

Sterilization: When using shortwave UV, when you know the micro-organism to be destroyed and how much energy is required, divide the energy required (in units mW/cm2 at 12 inches for the XX-15S) to calculate the total exposure time required to do the job.


UV Source:

Select from 254nm, 365nm, 365nm BLB and 302nm.
Refer to the Part Numbers tab to determine which wavelengths are available in each lamp size
The 352nm BLB tube is available as an option for use in the XX-15 lamp fixture

Select from 15 watt, 20 watt or 40 watt
XX-15 Lamps:

19.75L x 6W x 4.25H in. (502 x 152 x 108mm)
Weight: 5 lb (2.3kg)
XX-20 Lamps:

24L x 6W x 4.25H in. (610 x 152 x 108mm)
Weight: 10 lb (4.5 kg)
XX-40 Lamps:

49.6L x 6W x 4.25H in. (1260 x 152 x 108mm)
Weight: 20 lb (9.0 kg)
Exposure Stand:

20W x 6D x 13H in.
Weight: 8 lb (3.6 kg)


  • Exposure Stand for the XX-15 Series Lamps: The shelf is adjustable to different levels for repeatable exposure of samples.

  • UV Blocking Eyewear - Eye and face protection is essential for anyone working with ultraviolet sources. Shortwave UV radiation especially can cause delayed reaction of sunburn to unprotected eyes and skin.

  • UV Intensity Meters - UV meters measures the intensity of UV light sources. Measurement of the lamp irradiance is the most effective way to monitor the useful life of any UV light source.

  • Filter for XX-15S: 38-0172-02

Ordering Information

Part Numbers
XX-Series - 15 Watt
115V 230V Model Description
95-0042-03 95-0042-02 XX-15 XX-15 Bench Lamp Fixture (no UV tubes)
95-0042-06 95-0042-11 XX-15BLB XX-15BLB Bench Lamp, 365nm BLB
95-0042-05 95-0042-09 XX-15S XX-15S Bench Lamp, 254nm
95-0042-07 95-0042-13 XX-15L XX-15LW Bench Lamp, 365nm
95-0042-08 95-0042-15 XX-15M XX-15MR Bench Lamp, 302nm
XX-Series - 20 Watt
95-0045-04 95-0045-05 XX-20BLB XX-20BLB Bench Lamp, 365nm BLB
95-0045-07 95-0045-08 XX-20S XX-20S Bench Lamp, 254nm
95-0045-01 95-0045-02 XX-20 XX-20S Bench Lamp, No UV tubes
XX-Series - 40 Watt
95-0043-04 95-0043-05 XX-40BLB XX-40BLB Bench Lamp, 365nm BLB
95-0043-07 95-0043-08 XX-40S XX-40S Bench Lamp, 254nm
95-0043-01 95-0043-02 XX-40 XX-40 Bench Lamp, No UV tubes
95-0043-13 95-0043-14 XX-40M XX-40M Bench Lamp, 302nm
Exposure Stand
Note: The tubes in lamp fixtures are interchangeable for applications that require different wavelengths. Order tubes of the same wattage.
18-0062-01 XX-15 Stand
Replacement Tubes
34-0009-02 Tube, 15 Watt, 365nm
34-0017-01 Tube, 15 Watt, 365nm BLB
34-0017-02 Tube, 15 Watt, 352nm BLB
34-0039-01 Tube, 15 Watt, 302nm
34-0008-01 Tube, 15 Watt, 254nm
34-0068-01 Tube, 20 Watt, 365nm BLB
34-0067-01 Tube, 20 Watt, 254nm
34-0068-02 Tube, 40 Watt, 365nm BLB
34-0067-02 Tube, 40 Watt, 254nm
34-0070-03 Tube, 40 Watt, 302nm