Zinc and Cadmium Lamps

Zinc and Cadmium Lampss

The Zinc and Cadmium Lamps are designed primarily for use with the UV absorption cells and detectors and are frequently used in air pollution monitoring devices.



• Air pollution monitoring

• Analytical Instrumentation

• Wavelength Calibration

• Spectroscopy

Main Features

  • Zinc lamps can also substitute for deuterium lamps in some applications due to the zinc lamps' superior thermal stability, long life and prominent 214nm energy peak
  • The electrical leads enter the lamp base either at the perimeter of the base (side/radial leads) or straight into the center of the base (end/axial leads)
  • Lead lengths are also optional


Wavelength: 214nm energy peak
Electrical Leads: Side/radial or end/axial
Zinc Lamp Dimensions: Total Length: 4.33" (110.0mm)
Lighted Length: 20.0mm Portal
Quartz Diameter: 0.67" (17.0mm)
Cadmium Lamp Dimensions: Total Length: 4.33" (110.0mm)
Lighted Length: 24.0mm Portal
Quartz Diameter: 0.67" (17.0mm


Power Supply: 99-0033-01 (115V), 99-0033-02 (230V)
Custom Lamps are available.

Ordering Information

Zinc Lamp Part Numbers Special
90-0069-05 Radial leads, 8" (203mm)
90-0069-06 Axial leads, 8" (203mm)
90-0069-07 Radial leads, 12" (305mm)
Cadmium Lamp Part Numbers Special
90-0071-03 Radial leads, 8" (203mm)
90-0071-06 Axial leads, 8" (203mm)
90-0071-07 Radial leads, 12" (305mm)
Power Supplies
99-0033-01 / 02 @ 48 mAmps Recommended power supply for all Zinc and Cadmium lamps