Ultraviolet Application Bulletins

Analytik Jena US's products can be used in many different applications. Application Bulletins describe specific uses for some of Analytik Jena US's products (list in alphabetical order by industry). The Application Bulletins are provided in a PDF format. For applications not shown here, contact Analytik Jena US's offices.


Sterile Release Program AB-204

Sulfa On-Site Test  AB-202

Testing for Sulfa Residues  AB-207

GFP   helps monitor transgenic plants (as printedi in BioPhotonics News, Mar. 2000)

Art Inspection/Restoration/Theater

Be Smart When Dealing with Art: Ultraviolet Light Inspection

Art Inspection/Oil Painting Restoration

Tricks of the Repair and Restoration Trade, Now You See It, Now You Don't.
Use of Ultraviolet in Rug Repair. Article published in Rug News Magazine

Detecting Marred Porcelain with Blacklight  AB-212

Inspection of Works of Art  AB-213

Mural Illumination with Blacklight  AB-215

Theater Lighting  AB-216

Use of Ultraviolet Light in Glass Applications  AB-217


Use of Ultraviolet Light in Identification of Air/Tin Side of Glass  AB-101 

Use of UV in Windshield Repair with Blacklight  AB-124

Leak Detection in Automotive Applications  A-102

Criminology, Fraud

Use of Ultraviolet Light in Arson Detection AB-107

Fraud Detection Older US Currency  AB-127

Fraud Detection and Signature Verification  AB-128

Ultraviolet Light in Criminology Investigation  AB-130


Radiation Curing with Ultraviolet Light  AN-1172

UV Curing Adhesives  A-103


Detection of Oil and Grease Contamination and/or Leakage  AB-211

Gem/Mineral Fluorescence

Photographing Fluorescent Minerals with Mineralight and Blak-Ray Lamps  AB-120

Use of UV in Scheelite Prospecting  AB-132

Mineral Collecting  AB-218

Home Use

Use of UV in Showing Effectiveness of Water Softeners  AB-119

Inspection/Manufacturing/Quality Control

Use of Ultraviolet Light in Polyester Identification  AB-104 

Fluorescent Liquid Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Methods of Non-Destructive Testing  A-101

Semiconductor Wafer Inspection  A-113

Blak-Ray Fluorescent Inks for inspection applications.   AB-106

Positive Color Matching  A-110

Use of Ultraviolet Light for Laundry Identification and Sorting  AB-214

Laboratory Research/Biotechnology

Gel Electrophoresis Photography  AB-1000-02

Analysis of Midrange Ultraviolet Tubes Used in Transilluminators for Visualization of Stained DNA  AB-111

DNA/RNA Crosslinking to Nylon Membranes  AB-209

Hybridization Ovens for the Laboratory  AB-125

Staining Protocols  AB-221

TLC - Thin Layer Chromatography  AB-206

Ultraviolet Shadowing of Nucleic Acids on Acrilyamide and Agarose Gels  AB-116

Laboratory Applications for Ultraviolet Equipment  AB-131

Using the UV/Blue (Visi-Blue™) Converter Plate  AB-220

Protection of DNA During Preparative Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Against Damage Induced by Ultraviolet Light 
Published in BioTechniques 21:898-903 (November 1996)

GFP Helps Monitor Transgenic Plants (as printed in BioPhotonics News, Mar. 2000)


Use of Ultraviolet Light in Identifying Blood Donors   AB-118

Use of Ultraviolet in Identifying Eye Injuries  AB-117

Ringworm Detection on Cats and Dogs  AB-208

UV Lamps for use in Lice Control  AB-300

Light Sources Applications

Wavelengths of Spectral Lines in Mercury Pencil Lamps (as printed in Applied Optics Jan. 1996)

Irradiances of Spectral Lines in Mercury Pencil Lamps (as printed in Applied Optics Jan 1996)

Noise Factors in Pen-Ray Lamps  AB-302

Interaction of Pen-Ray Lamps and Power Supplies  AB-303

Pen-Ray Rare Gas Lamp Spectra

Ozone Cleaning

UV Ozone Cleaning of Precision Crystal Resonators  AB-1009

UV Ozone Cleaning of Quartz Crystals and Metal Surfaces  AB-129

Radiometry/UV Light Measurement

Guide to Optical Radiation Measurements  AN-1167

Solarization Bulletin  A-112

Measuring Black Light Intensity  T-001


Use of Fluorescing Inks and UV Light in Readmission/Beverage Control for Amusement
Parks and Night Clubs  AB-102

Blak-Ray Fluorescent Inks for readmission, printing applications.  AB-106