UVP Fraud Detection Lamp

  • Compact size for desktop use

  • Speed up customer service

  • Instant document verification

  • Deter criminals

  • Easily detect forged documents, currency and signatures

  • Easy to operate: pass the document under the UV

  • Safe to use

Product Details

UVP Fraud Detection UV Lamps use longwave ultraviolet light to check the authenticity of signatures, documents, tickets, passports, credit cards and currency.

The SL-2M UV lamp offers a cost-effective solution to security problems as the ultraviolet detects invisible markings and alterations made to documents. The lamp is easy to operate. Simply pass the item in question under the longwave ultraviolet. Invisible inks or altered documents fluoresce when exposed to the UV.


Technical Data

UV Source

365 nm


Four watt

Cord Length

8 foot


6.5W x 5.75D x 4.5H in. (165 x 146 x 114 mm)


Order Information

Part Numbers
115V 230VModelDescription
95-0164-0195-0164-02SL-2MFraud and Signature Verification UV Lamp, 365 nm BLB
Replacement Parts / Accessories
34-0010-01Replacement Tube


UVP Verfication/Fraud Lamp Operating Instructions

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