UVP Mini UV Viewing Cabinets

  • Mini viewing cabinets are constructed with a metal base and plastic top

  • The bottom panel of the cabinet is removable

  • A contrast control filter absorbs UV energy to protect the eyes

  • Soft rubber viewport provides a comfortable viewing area with adequate space for eyeglasses

  • Lightweight access curtain blocks out external light from the cabinet interior

Product Details

Mini viewing cabinets

UVP Mini Chromato-Vue Viewing Cabinets provide a compact darkroom environment for viewing materials. All cabinets feature a contrast control filter that absorbs UV energy to protect the eyes. Each cabinet is designed to be used with specific UVP lamp models, which fit snugly on top of the cabinet.

Applications include:

  • Mineralogy

  • Lab Fluorescence

  • Sterilization

  • Field Investigation


Technical Data

FabricationMetal Base, Plastic Top
ViewportSoft rubber with UV blocking contrast control filter
CurtainLightweight materials block ambient light
Dimensions Cabinet Interior9L X 10W X 7H in. (229 X 254 X 178 mm)
Dimensions Cabinet Exterior9L X 10.5W X 12H in. (229 X 267 X 305 mm)
Weight3.6 lb. (1.6 kg)


Order Information

Part Numbers
Part NumberModelDescription
95-0072-01C-10Cabinet, Mini (for Compact/Handheld Lamps)
95-0072-02C-10PCabinet, Portable (for Rechargeable Lamps)
95-0072-08C-10E4Cabinet, Mini (for four watt EL Lamps)
95-0072-09C-10E6Cabinet, Mini (for six watt EL Lamps)
95-0072-06C-15G (115 V)Cabinet (C-10) with 115 V Lamp, 6 watt, SW & LW
95-0072-07C-15G (230 V)Cabinet (C-10) with 230 V Lamp, 6 watt, SW & LW

Cabinet Models:

  • The C-10 is designed for use with Compact and Handheld UV Lamps

  • The C-10P accommodates the Rechargeable Lamps which are excellent for field use applications

  • The C-10E4 is designed for use with the 4-watt EL Series Lamps

  • The C-10E6 is designed for use with the 6-watt EL Series Lamps

  • The C-15G cabinet combines the C-10 cabinet with the UVGL-58 multi-band shortwave/longwave Handheld Lamp to provide a self-contained illumination system


Lamps for this Cabinet

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