UVP Compact UV Lamps

  • Models available include 254 nm shortwave, 365 nm longwave or a combination 254/365 nm version

  • Shortwave/longwave version comes with a snap-on wavelength selector for switching between wavelengths

  • Lightweight, easy-to-handle lamp design

  • 4 watts

Product Details

Lightweight and compact lamps

UVP Compact UV Lamps (4 watt lamps) fit comfortably in the hand. This lamp is available in 115 V, 230 V and 12 V DC versions.

Applications include:

  • UV curing
  • Laboratory - E-Coli identification
  • Readmission
  • Fraud detection
  • Lapidary

*Product performance and effectiveness will depend on the user.*


Technical Data


Select from models with 254 nm or 365 nm UV or combination of both wavelengths

Compact Lamp Dimensions

7.8L x 2.8W x 2.1D in. (198 x 71 x 53 mm)

Lamp Stand Dimensions

6.5H x 7.5W x 4.8D in. (63 x 190 x 124 mm)


Order Information

Part Numbers
115 V230 VModelDescriptionReplacement TubesFilter
95-0016-1495-0016-15UVG-11Compact UV Lamp, 254 nm34-0003-0198-0016-02
95-0017-0995-0017-10UVGL-15Compact UV Lamp, 254 nm and 365 nm34-0004-01
(254/365 nm split tube)
95-0021-1295-0021-10UVGL-25Compact UV Lamp, 254 nm and 365 nm34-0003-01 254 nm
34-0005-01 365 nm
95-0018-0295-0018-03UVL-21Compact UV Lamp, 365 nm34-0005-0198-0018-02
95-0019-0195-0019-03UVL-23Financial UV Lamp, 365 nm BLB34-0010-01


95-0019-14N/AUVL-23RCompact UV Curing Lamp for Windshield Repair, 365 nm BL, 12 V34-0005-01


95-0019-0495-0019-06UVL-23RSFinancial UV Lamp with Stand, 365 nm BLB34-0010-01


95-0019-16N/AUVL-23RWCompact UV Curing Lamp, 365 nm34-0005-01


98-0020-03J-124Lamp Stand

Related Products

  • Use UVP Compact UV Lamps with J-124 Lamp Stand for hands free operation
  • Use the lamps with UVP C-10 Chromato-Vue Viewing Cabinet for viewing materials in a darkened environment
  • The UVP Compact UV Lamp is available in a 12 Volt style (for cigarette lighter operation) which is designed for windshield curing (lamp part number 95-0019-14)
  • UV Blocking Eyewear



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