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Researchers who work with PCR technologies, must ensure effective protection against the unintended transfer of nucleic acids. Analytik Jena‘s UVP PCR Workstations are exceptionally equipped to provide systemic protection against such transfers.

The UVP PCR Workstations create an ideal environment for preparing PCR master mixes and other reactions by reducing any possible sample contamination. UV irradiation by means of the built-in 254nm UV lamps significantly reduces surface and airborne contaminants in the chamber and maintains a clean work area to minimize repeat experiments and save time. The hoods include a timer to control UV decontamination of the chamber by simply setting the desired time. All systems feature a safety shut-off switch, which automatically turns the UV light off when the door is opened, protecting users from UV exposure. Additional contamination control is provided with a coated stainless steel and aluminum design that maintains antimicrobial efficacy. These systems can be configured with or without a HEPA filter assembly, and have been specially designed to enable unbelievably easy assembly and service.

PCR workstation

-254nm UV irradiation to achieve efficient decontamination

-Easy-clean antimicrobial coating on the stainless steel and aluminum
surfaces doubles up the attack on PCR contaminants

-Safety shut-off switch automatically turns the UV light off when door is

-Makrolon® panels block all UV light below 400nm

-Built-in power outlets for operation of equipment inside the Workstation

-Touch screen interface to control all system functions

-Choice of HEPA or non-HEPA system configurations based on customer needs

-HEPA models only: 3 layers of UV irradiation + air filtration/
circulation to ensure maximum decontamination, Carbon pre filter with long-life UV, HEPA filter with standard UV lamps, and Recirculator with long-life UV

-Unique folding assembly that takes as little as 20 minutes

       --Quick and easy filter and lamp replacement as well as service

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