UVP 3UV Lamps

  • Three wavelengths, 254/302/365 nm UV, in one lamp

  • Selection of each wavelength made easy by a turn of the dial located on one end of the housing

  • Reflector surfaces mounted behind each tube provides maximum UV for fluorescence applications

  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed for hand or stationary use

  • Design allows for stationary use by standing the lamp on its end or side

Product Details

Three wavelengths in one lamp

Innovative, versatile and patented 3UV lamp houses multiple wavelengths: longwave, shortwave and midrange UV in one lamp for multiple applications. Reflectors behind each tube provide maximum UV light for fluorescent applications. Lamp is available in four, six or eight watts.

Applications include:

  • Photochemistry/Phosphorescence

  • Inspection

  • Laboratory

  • General Chemical Laboratory

  • Education

*Product performance and effectiveness will depend on the user.*

Technical Data Specifications


Four, six or eight watt models

UV Source:

254 nm, 302 nm, 365 nm



3UV-34: 9.5L x 3W x 4.5D in. (241 x 76 x 114 mm)

3UV-36: 12.5L x 3W x 4.5D in. (318 x 76 x 114 mm)

3UV-38: 15.5L x 3W x 4.5D in. (394 x 76 x 114 mm)


Order Information

Part Numbers
115 V / 60 Hz230 V / 50 HzModelWattsWavelengthReplacement Filter
95-0341-0195-0341-02UVP-3UV4 watts254/302/365 nm38-0286-03
95-0342-0195-0342-02UVP-3UV6 watts254/302/365 nm38-0286-02
95-0343-0195-0343-02UVP-3UV8 watts254/302/365 nm38-0286-01
Replacement Tubes
34-0006-018 wattReplacement Tube, 365 nm
34-0042-018 wattReplacement Tube, 302 nm
34-0007-018 wattReplacement Tube, 254 nm
34-0034-016 wattReplacement Tube, 365 nm
34-0044-016 wattReplacement Tube, 302 nm
34-0013-016 wattReplacement Tube, 254 nm
34-0005-014 wattReplacement Tube, 365 nm
34-0071-014 wattReplacement Tube, 302 nm
34-0003-014 wattReplacement Tube, 254 nm



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