UVP ChemStudio

UVP ChemStudio™ / UVP ChemStudio™ touch Imagers

With 50 years of experince in imaging, the creators of the UVP ChemStudio Imaging Systems, are the trusted experts of chemiluminescence and gel imaging applications. The UVP ChemStudio and UVP ChemStudio touch are essential to laboratories performing genomic and proteomic applications. No film is required for imaging.

UVP ChemStudio series imagers are used for high sensitivity imaging of Western blots, fluorescent Westerns, immunoblots, protein blots, DNA gels, protein gels, blue light gels, colony plates and a wide range of stains and dyes. The UVP ChemStudio touch is a stand-alone, touch screen operated imager with a small footprint, which maximizes laboratory bench space. It is also available as an external computer operated system for those laboratories with particular IT/computer requirements.

Main Features

  • UVP ChemStudio touch is a stand-alone, touch screen automated system with a small footprint.
  • UVP ChemStudio, is operated using an external computer, with the full package VisionWorks® Acquisition and Analysis Software.
  • Choose from either the highest resolution 8.1 MP or the most sensitive 3.2 MP resolution system.
  • Optimized f/0.95 lens optics for maximum light sensitivity and quick capture speeds in low-light or long exposure applications.
  • Overhead white, red, green and blue LEDs included. Field upgradeable overhead NIR laser modules available for multiplex applications. Expanded wavelengths available from 400-800 nm wavelengths.
  • Ergonomic features: a new Thin-Line Transilluminator with a 16.8 x 21cm maximum illuminated imaging, in a pull-out tray, automated emission filter wheel, and 13.3 inch integrated touch screen computer.
  • Imagers include specialized customer service and technical support. Dedicated application support teams are always available. Bioimaging specialists provide on-site demos, installation, technical service and upgrades.
  • Imager is modular allowing the addition of accessories.

Product Info

  • UVP ChemStudio touch uses VisionWorks® software, which ensures strong analysis of results every time.
  • VisionWorks® features automation using preset and preloaded application templates for commonly used experiments such as chemiluminescence, fluorescence, and visible fluorescence.
  • Flexibility for the user to switch between modes by being able to create one-click application icons. User can switch from picture to full-control mode in one-click.
  • Software allows complex workflows to be reduced by allowing users to automate many actions into one single application through the use of macros.
  • Each user can designate a password to store and protect data in a busy research environment.
  • Enhancement and analysis tools are included that allow researchers to personalize their experiments for any special purpose. Tools offered: background subtraction, noise reduction, inversion, compositing, pseudocolor, and more.
  • Software also comes with extended analytical tools: 1D analysis, area density and colony counting analysis. Reports are created showing extensive analysis of results including Molecular Weight (MW), Rf, band intensities and area density calculations. Data can be exported to Excel.
  • Large and visible icons on the VisionWorks® touch Software, increases accessibility for an improved and efficient workflow.
  • This software is flexible as it can be used both in a stand-alone and or external style. As a result, the imager comes with unlimited copies of the software for external use as well.

Advanced technical specifications and capabilities
High resolution and light sensitivity is achieved with an 8.1 megapixel camera and an f/0.95 lens for maximum light capture and quick exposure speeds. Light sensitivity is optimized with an f/0.95 lens, for quick capture in low-light and long exposure applications. The imagers are also available with an exceptionally sensitivity 3.2 megapixel camera. The UVP ChemStudio touch can be expanded to perform a wide range of applications with the addition of accessories and lighting filters.
In addition to standard LEDS for overhead RGBW excitation, the system is designed for field upgrades to NIR laser modules for multiplex applications such as IR1 and IR2. Furthermore, UVP Visi-White™ LED Plates are easily plugged in, for methods such as Coomassie blue and Silver Stains. Finally you can use a UVP Visi-Blue™ Converter Plate for blue excitation applications, including GelGreen and SYBR Green (460-470nm). Imager is compatible with UVP eLITE Light Source for overhead excitation for 400-800nm wavelengths. This accessory uses a Xenon light engine technology, for uniform and high-intensity lighting, across the full range of Technicolor applications.

Laboratory Efficiency
The integrated 13.3 inch, wide touch-screen computer, allows clear visuals of faint bands and finer details of images. It makes multi-tasking is easier to perform on a wide screen, requiring multiple windows and files. The Computer support a large range of applications such as DNA gels, protein gels, blue/white gels, plants, colorimetric, and colony plates. In addition, imaging device can be utilized for chemiluminescent western blots, fluorescent western blots from 400 to 800 nm in UV, VIS and NIR. A software controlled five-position filter wheel, in a slide-out tray, allows for efficient and simple changeover, to various emission wavelengths.
Additionally, the computer has 500GB of hardware capacity to store large amounts of images, application presets and data. For your convenience, there are 7 USB ports available for the use of keyboard, mouse and other optional accessories plus a stylus is included for simple and precise control. The imager is environment-friendly due to its small footprint and compact form to maximize the use of laboratory space. The ChemStudio touch provides a wide illuminated imaging area of 16.8 x 21cm that allows imaging of multiple blots, of various sizes. It features a fold-down door which provides space reduction and avoids benchtop interferences. Predominantly, all lighting and controls are software automated, reducing error and increasing laboratory efficiency.


Light Sources Overhead: white, red, green and blue LEDs included
Base lighting: Thin-Line Transilluminator with the choice of UV (302nm) with High/Low Intensity control.
Filter Wheel Five-position automated filter wheel
Darkroom Features
  • 13.3” integrated, multi-touch computer
  • Fold down door
  • Thin-Line Transilluminator in a pull-out tray
  • UV On Indicator Light
  • USB port (right panel of unit)
  • 6 USB ports (back side of unit)
  • Access port for optional UVP eLITE Light Source (Xenon light engine technology)
Accessories Included
  • Ethidium bromide filter
  • VisionWorks® Software for image capture, enhancement and analysis (unlimited licenses)
  • Flash drive with VisionWorks® Software (license free)
  • UVP Fluorescent Focus Target
  • UVP Chemi Tray (black)
  • UV Gel Tray
  • UV Protection Shield
  • Empty flash drive for data and image storage
  • Keyboard and mouse (touch screen systems only)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 41 x 46 x 61 cm (16 x 18 x 24 in)
Wireless network capability Wireless network capable, Wi-Fi, accessory for wired-to-ethernet connection available.


  • Optional UVP Visi-Blue™ LED Transilluminator is available. Transilluminator supports blue excitation applications like GelGreen® and SYBR® Green (460-470 nm). A blue LED transilluminator is a safe option for reducing the risk of DNA damage or photo-nicking.
  • IQ/OQ (Installation and Operational Qualification) Documents and on-site support can be purchased.
  • Overhead NIR Laser Modules available that allow for a range of multiplex lighting for IR1 and IR2.

Ordering Information

Imager Order Number Darkroom Specs Applications
849-97-0928-01 (115V)
849-97-0928-02 (230V)
UVP ChemStudio touch
  • 8 MP
  • Deep level cooling
  • Automated lens
  • Software: application based automation
  • Highest performance and resolution
Chemiluminescence Fluorescence
849-97-0928-03 (115V)
849-97-0928-04 (230V)
UVP ChemStudio
  • 8 MP
  • Deep level cooling
  • Automated lens
  • Software: application based automation
  • Highest performance and resolution
Chemiluminescence Fluorescence
849-97-0930-01 (115V)
849-97-0930-02 (230V)
UVP ChemStudio touch
  • 3.2 MP
  • Deep level cooling
  • Automated lens
  • Software: application based automation
  • Versatile from chemiluminescence to NIR
Chemiluminescence Fluorescence Visible Fluorescence Infrared
849-97-0930-03 (115V) and 849-97-0930-04 (230V UVP ChemStudio
  • 3.2 MP
  • Deep level cooling
  • Automated lens
  • Software: application based automation
  • Versatile from chemiluminescence to NIR
Chemiluminescence Fluorescence Visible Fluorescence Infrared


MultiSpectral Light Sources 115V 230V
UVP eLITE Xenon, Kit with epi light fibers 849-00300-4 849-00300-2
UVP eLITE motorized, Kit with epi light fibers 849-00301-4 849-00301-2
UVP eLITE manual, Kit with epi light fibers 849-00302-4 849-00302-2
UVP Thermal printer Mitsubishi P95DE, high resolution (325 dpi), USB 2.0 interface, 100 - 240 V, dimensions 8.5 x 15.4 x 23.9 (H x W x D cm) 849-20100-0
Thermal printer paper KP65HM, high contrast, 4 rolls at 20 m 849-20111-0
Thermal printer paper K95HG, high glossy, 4 rolls at 18 m 849-20110-0
USB-to-LAN-Adapter 849-20607-0
UVP Fluorescent Focus Target: fluorescent activated target used for focusing the camera 849-00524-0
UVP Gel Scooper: transparent gel scoop, scoop area 14 cm x 15 cm 846-057-013
UVP Gel-Cutter (Qty. 2) 849-20603-0
UVP Gel-Ruler (Qty. 2) 849-20600-0
Spectacles, UV Blocking (UVC-303) 846-055-002
Faceshield, UV blocking 849-20602-0

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